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1. Forest Function Level – Forest Function level has to be windows server 2003 or higher to perform AD rename. 2. Location of the Domain – in forest it could have different level of domains.

Those can be either whole alternative domain names or child domains. If you going to alter the location of the dc in the forest you will need to want to create trust relationships among domains to maintain the connectivity. 3. DNS Zone – DNS Zone files needs to be created for the new domain name earlier than the rename technique in relevant DNS servers. 4.

Folder Path Change – if DFS folder facilities or roaming profiles are setup, those paths must change in to server based share or network share. 5. Computer Name Change – Once the domain is renamed the computer systems host names also will renamed. So if those are configured to use by applications or tactics be certain you prepare to do those adjustments. 6. Reboots – Systems will need to reboot twice to use the name adjustments including workstations.


So be arrange for the downtime and service interruptions. 7. Exchange Server Incompatibility – Exchange server 2003 is the one supported version for AD rename. All other versions aren’t supported for this. Also there can be other functions in environment which could be not supported with rename. Make sure you access these risks.

8. Certificate Authority CA – if CA is used make certain you prepare it in response to am Dishan Francis. I’m a Technology Consultant at Frontier Technology Limited. I’m a dedicated and enthusiastic counsel technology expert who enjoys professional consciousness and accreditation from a number of reputable institutions. I am keeping up this blog for last 7 years. This includes greater than 400 articles already.

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