Staphylococcus aureus Colonization and Infection Among Drug Users: Identification of Hidden Networks AJPH Vol. Issue

R. A. Gwizdala supervised the study, conducted interviews, analyzed data, and led the writing of the article. M.

Miller was a co investigator on the grant and participated in study design, data analysis, and the writing of the object. M. Bhat was guilty for the characterization of the staphylococcal isolates, and took part in analyzing the info. C. Henry assisted with instruction and amendment of analysis questionnaires, performed interviews, and took part in coming into and inspecting data.

A. Neaigus assisted with data analysis, data interpretation, and writing the object. Q. Shi assisted with statistical evaluation and interpretation of results, and reviewed and critiqued the item. F. D.

Lowy was guilty for the universal behavior of the study, interpretation of the info, and preparation of the thing.

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