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Here’s another wild speculation: Humans are intensely social, and within groups, they frequently delegate tasks to one another in response to their known knowledge. Perhaps older siblings get delegated “assess for BS” evaluations by their more youthful siblings as a result of older siblings have a bigger database concerning the world and are additional along Piaget’s scale. Insert the anecdote about Piaget trying to asses Marvin Minsky’s babies. In adult life, some older siblings soak up specialization as BS filters for the rest of us a/k/a “visionaries”, because the accuracy of assessments will rise very rapidly with the period of time one spends learning a broad spectrum of outre assistance.

3 I downloaded data he provided at the bottom to perform a little more evaluation. First of all I was curious concerning the sexual harassment questions. I see that 242 of 732 women replied they’d never been confused external of work. This quite various from what one often reads in the media, who seem to think that girls are commonly over whelmed by harassers. There were a woman or two in the SSC comments that said they haven’t been burdened, but I puzzled in the event that they were outliers. But it seems 1/3 of ladies have never been pressured.

We don’t understand how frequent it happened for the other 500; maybe most only a time or two in their lifetimes. Is this an SSC thing too?2 Disrespectful and unreasonable don’t have definitions people will agree upon. E. g. The PUA neighborhood itself is very well-known for ‘negging’ and never taking no for an answer, which makes this whole idea a little questionable and self serving. Perhaps the ladies in query are PUAs themselves.

Perhaps they are merely mirroring back what they got, or what they’ve discovered from reading or seeing PUA strategies in play. Perhaps they actually, really find they dislike the guy and want him to go away while recognizing he’s the kind unlikely to take no for an answer. I myself agree that “having kids” is a fundamental boundary for many people, and that it’s not the most basic one for everybody. And I also wish that there have been more women who felt at ease posting here. As a lady who does feel at ease posting here to the sadness of folk who’d like fewer conservative voices I didn’t find those feedback anymore off putting than, say, the deep dive into the or something it was survey question that came about up post. It’s a pov I don’t share, don’t find interesting, and don’t are looking to dig into with well suited people, so I moved on to anything else.

What is the price of being “associated with” any political party?I’d be stunned if greater than 3% of Americans were actual, card wearing, dues paying individuals of any political party, as a result of for most those that’s just a waste of cash for at best a very weak signal. Registering to vote in a celebration’s basic elections would most likely count as being “linked to” a party, but Libertarian party primaries are frequently either uncontested or irrelevant. Or both. Meanwhile, Republican and Democratic primaries sometimes have vaguely libertarian ish applicants that it would be tactically advantageous for a libertarian to vote for. I was really positive about third parties in commonplace, given those candidates, but every one of them crashed and burned. That said, I don’t think this may be blamed on the particular person events a great deal as on political polarization.

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I could see it coming as November neared and all of the local Sandernistas in my Facebook feed targeting the want to vote towards Trump, regardless of how badly they theory of Clinton, and irrespective of how irrational that type of pondering was in a lopsided State like ours whose electoral votes were never in doubt. But if voters were rational, then they would not be voters, would they?I can only supply my particular anecdote, so it may or is probably not representative of others. I grew up Republican with out ever really considering it, even worked on Capitol Hill for a Republican senator for ages. As I got more publicity to the actual truth of the party and likewise became just a little more self reflective, it became clearer to me my beliefs more or less “lower my taxes and I don’t care who you or what you set to your body” didn’t really mesh with the party’s in anything else greater than a superficial, sound bite way. I conception of it at the time as the party moving clear of me, but in hindsight, I type of think the movement came about on my part. On a more critical note, I believe that individual liberty has value and restrictions on it do as a minimum some harm.

This doesn’t mean that those regulations shouldn’t exist, merely that we may be acutely aware of the trade offs concerned and only keep those that are “worth it” continually producing benefits that outweigh those costs. This ideology is pretty corresponding to that of the people in my life that describe themselves as “libertarian”, in order that label is every now and then useful for me to communicate suggestions about myself. I also are likely to vote for libertarian applicants every time I don’t have any choice among the major party ones, as this satisfies my emotional want to feel as if I participated in the democratic method with out weighing towards people with more knowledgeable opinions usually my lack of preference comes from a lack of analysis. However, I don’t feel sufficiently aligned with the U. S. Libertarian party to offer them money and time that I could spend on other things.

As for me, I’m a pragmatist, and my party registration varies from year to year, dependent on who needs signatures or who has a captivating primary race. Over the years, I’ve been registered Republican, Democratic, unaffiliated, Libertarian, Green, and Peace and Freedom. I’m really registered Libertarian this year, so I’m not one of the people who stunned you, but I would have shocked you last year and can shock you next year. That also depends on which options Scott gives us for political philosophy; I don’t always choose libertarian for that either, dependent on the available alternatives. I think it is sensible to plan pretty far ahead, but include contingencies. Since bad and good luck are both by definition external our handle, the result of the contingency plan for what happens when bad luck events outweigh good luck events will still doubtless be worse than the outcomes of the basic plan for what happens if bad and good luck events occur with the frequency you anticipate.

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This is consistent with the bad facets of your plan’s effect being because of bad luck, but is also per there being wisdom in planning ahead: your situation could be even worse if you didn’t have a plan for dealing with bad luck. On a private level: I have set a long term savings goal for myself in order that I can at some point afford a loan, and I have short term commitments to add money into my reductions account. Over the past two years, I have had to drain my mark downs account four times with a purpose to account for big setbacks brought on by instances I doesn’t somewhat expect myself to expect; certainly, my long run reductions goal will now be met much later than expected, but I do not consider meaning I should quit on the rate reductions goal absolutely and in reality two of the four events that emptied my reductions belong to a category of complications that don’t affect householders. I will admit that I irrationally perceive unanticipated i. e. not part of any of my plans events as “luck” unless faced with facts either that there was some reason I should have anticipated the events or these differently arose without delay as consequences of my action/state of no activity I irresponsibly do not seek out this advice; thus the “goodness” or “badness” of anything I did not plan for is nearly totally from “luck”.

On the other hand, at the detail level, the specific circumstances that gave rise to whatever event is surely associated somehow to my Major Life Events. So: when a bug in my agency’s program makes it to creation, it is on occasion my fault for not catching it but from time to time demonstrably something I in reality caught and tried to prevent, and cases external my control conspired to create a condition wherein the bug got out anyway. In the latter case, here is a Bad Thing it’s happening Because Of Luck. Regardless, it is wise for me to advise my team to plot for roughly one hotfix desiring to go out every two months, as a result of historically that has been about the frequency we encounter urgent production issues. Regardless, it is the result of my career choice that I am experiencing this challenge—if I were a researcher, I would be seeing various bugs, attributable to identical but dissimilar cases, and the consequences could be alternative better in some ways, worse in others. The problem it really is going down to me is my own doing, but it might also be luck.