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Specific Media seems to have a aggressive benefit over other functionality ad networks in key verticals of the UK DR space?What differentiates you out of your competition in the UK market?ID: Our focus has always been and could remain on featuring our prospects with unprecedented data knowledge and analytics to drive campaign performance – and that is what sets us apart. Specific Media is in a position to deliver brands and businesses with powerful intelligence before, during and after campaigns to make sure their commercials is at last value driven in the latest crusade but also in making plans future campaigns. More than this however, we are mix this information with unique focused on technologies and proven best in industry customer provider, as highlighted in the newest IPA survey. It is significant for us as a business and for the value we bring customers that we are on the leading edge of online display commercials, so we continue to put money into our technology, analytics and people to ensure we remain a frontrunner in the trade.

All in all, we believe we deliver brands and advertisers with a unique and compelling providing. What will ad networks should do to remain aggressive?Is it better technology?Better concentrated on, optimisation and viewers perception?ID: It is all the above – making an investment in proprietary era, focused on, viewers insight and analytics, performance and responsibility. Ultimately ad networks deserve to be capable of evolve at a faster pace than this ever changing trade – they should stay one step prior to what a brand or agency needs and continue to offer robust effects via innovation. This could be in the world of more intuitive concentrated on technologies or in the intelligence they’re able to supply with data – but it’s the rapid evolution of amenities and products and variety that will keep networks at the forefront of the trade. LucidMedia recently introduced it was brining its own DSP to market?Do you believe you studied ad networks will ought to build out their very own DSPs to survive?ID: We believe that robust ad networks that proceed to innovate and evolve will proceed to prove their value as they do nowAre the lines between companies and ad networks turning into more blurred?What effect do you think that will have on the screen market?ID: The competencies that companies demonstrated in using perception to plot and purchase classic media in the past TV, press, radio, etc. , is now getting used successfully in the net space, not just by businesses, but also by the more excellent ad networks.

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