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AgencyA is the exclusive marketer of all created content and claimed content material for StoreX during the Term of this contract. StoreX won’t engage other vendors for any marketing amenities AgencyAprovides. Furthermore, AgencyAshall be StoreX’s exclusive supervisor of the platform relationships with Outbrain, Taboola, Sharethrough, Disqus, Adblade, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Nativo, Yahoo Gemini, Dianomi, RevContent and LinkedIn, and some other platform partners which are advised and accredited by StoreX in its sole discretion but solely with appreciate to the shape and kind of advertising contemplated hereunder. 互联网广告专门的针对互联网广告的书很少,《计算广告学》一类的课程能比较系统的普及相应知识,当然,像所有的工具书和工具类课程一样,不同时间、不同层级,看的感悟是不一样的。个人建议,想系统的认识互联网广告,需要去认识整个广告乃至流量的问题,所以需要涉猎的书籍会比较多,我的学习顺序如下:1.

《浪潮之巅》,吴军,可以先看盈利模式的描述,之后再看全书,会比较靠谱;2. 《营销管理》,科特勒,理解为什么需要营销,以及广告的价值;3. 《推荐系统实践》,理解互联网对于用户数据的运用;4. 《消费者行为学》,理解广告对于消费者的价值;5. 《引爆点》,理解传播链;(其实这块儿跟社会化营销和整合营销关系比较密切)6.

GA相关的书籍,理解站内用户数据分析及互联网用户的转化链模型;7. 《顾客为什么买》,理解零售业的转化逻辑;8. DCCI的广告白皮书,易观的效果营销行业报告,艾瑞的广告行业报告和深度报告如DSP等,理解行业的产业链,以及每个产业链上的作用。9.

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