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I at last did one TV interview, so now I’m excited in regards to the prospect of doing more. It was appealing how it took place. I called WLOS, our ABC associate in nearby Asheville and asked the assignments editor if he’d be willing to provide me some TV pointers if I came to the station. He agreed immediately and spent 45 minutes with me on the set, explaining the interviewing procedure.

He really took the anxiousness out of it for me. As I left, he recommended I leave one of my books with him for the noon news anchor, and anything is history, except to say, that I went to my interview armed with Krispy Cremes, his favorite!Print media has picked up steam. A brilliant freelance writer did a very large article for our local The Hendersonville Times News. A dear friend networked me to a writer on The Methodist Reporter who called, interviewed me and wrote a marvelous, long article on the book from a Christan perspective. McGraw Hill’s publicist landed an interview for me with Newsday, the Staten Island newspaper with a move of 450,000. I emailed a paper in Australia suggesting that because I know they have this extreme self sufficiency problem, they write an editorial on the book, and it’s in the works as I write, along with several others.


PC: Pat Burson with Newsday, the Staten Island newspaper I mentioned in advance, interviewed me for a big article about my book. We talked three or four times and became phone friends. She did a fabulous job, interviewing a psychologist and two “model Self Sufficients. ” Being a novice to all of this, I was thrilled in finding that the story went out on the wire and has been picked up by numerous news papers around the country adding the Ft. Wayne and Minneapolis papers.

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