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Quantifying the significance of building a rich online newsroom, Lisa Buyer again writes that “More than half of the journalists surveyed visit an online brand newsroom at least once a week, with 25. 2% of them traveling newsrooms daily. And lest you suspect online brand newsrooms appeal only to classic reporters, they are also being accessed by bloggers, tweeters, customers, knowledge traders, anyone who is interested in your agency. ” She then provides eight constructive tips for optimizing a web newsroom, including knowing your brand’s audience and using a team approach.

Kevin Bailey believes PR pros are well positioned to assist with SEO in the post Penguin era, writing: “The links that actually move the needle come from the based media retailers that cite them everywhere in the web—the industry media outlets with large engaged audiences and domain gurus in the high 90s…PR pros have a huge leg up in terms of earning the hard links. They have the ability to reach top media shops and get content assets lined—content material assets that are more about fixing a big problem in a given industry than they’re about touting a brand and its items. ” True, which is why PR and SEO are two key components of a broader web presence optimization technique. Noting that “an email needs to be really compelling to bypass the delete key. Journalists get more email than most of us: some newshounds obtain over 100 email pitches a day from PR people…to stand out among such severe competitors and get opened, an email pitch needs to be very nearly ideal,” Lucy Siegel provides a dozen guidance for efficient email pitches to reporters and writes that most are just as valid as email marketing tips. For example: “Brevity Is Key to Getting Read.

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After the lede, get to the purpose directly by covering the fundamentals: who, what, when, where, why and how. Don’t sell, tell.