Social Media Marketing Tips, Strategies and Trends in India

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DigiGrad is an initiative of Social Beat a Google Premier Partner and a Recommended Facebook Agency to impart good quality digital schooling in an online and classroom environment. Priced at INR 30,000 DigiGrad offers the Certificate Program in Digital Marketing this is tailor made for retailers, marketers and freshers alike. It is an IIM alumni initiative with Harvard style Case Study based Learning Methodology and live courses with a small batch size of below 50 college students per batch. Their built-in 12 weeks rigorous studying program has 7 sophisticated education modules and includes sensible application oriented modules.

It also offers particular programs referring to Digital Adverting, Social Media, SEO and other electronic advertising and marketing streams. As its an initiative by a electronic agency, they assure a live project and offer internships and tasks at Social Beat and with India’s top brands. Online Courses are generally easier for many people, particularly operating professionals as they are able to be attended from the consolation of one’s home/office Also, with era having more desirable, online teacher led digital lecture rooms are nearly as good as actual lecture rooms, with webinar application enabling for both peers to look interaction as well as scholar trainer interaction. Webinar recordings are also accessible for individuals who fail to see sessions. Classroom techniques would only work best for you when you are the personality type that prefers learning in a classroom atmosphere or if you are not too at ease with studying in a live webinar format.

TalentEdge adds a Specialised Executive Programme in Digital Marketing from MICA, Ahmedabad, ideal for early beginners and working experts. Priced at INR 70,000 for a 4. 5 month program, they claim to have reached over 8,00,000 registered learners who’ve benefitted from the live lectures, case experiences and content material architecture designed by MICA school and industry experts. Apart from this, TalentEdge also offers an Executive Development Program in electronic advertising from XLRI at INR 80,000 for a 6 month program. The executive development program is a course for advertising managers who need to perceive the nuances of digital advertising techniques and tools to execute a crusade. Talentedge offers over 250 classes across diverse areas and while they dont specialize only in advertising and marketing methods, they do have good college tie ups.

IIM Bangalore has a programme called “Digital Marketing for Business Growth” which they conduct mutiple times of their educational year. The programme aims to offer a top level view of electronic advertising with a focus on the different social media advertising and marketing channels, search engine optimization both search advertising and search engine optimization and digital analytics. So it aims to offer an overview of all the key elements that may enable brands to bounce back engagement, leads and conversions. It also touches upon analytics and what metrics can be used to measure the performance of the electronic campaigns. As per the Kantar Survey Data 2019, it was recorded that there has been higher buying intent among TikTok audiences as compared to other online consumers, with nearly 50% having shopped online in the last 3 months.

The cherry on top of the cake?The TikTok user’s buying power was measured to show them spending more month-to-month on online shopping as compared to non TikTok users, with the share of wallet for online buying groceries 17% higher than non users. This data proves that advertising on TikTok is an open playing field for brands which are heavy on e trade, trend, and retail, while simultaneously last scalable for fintech and BFSI. TikTok is powered by the creation of native content material that communicates that the user, not the product, is in handle of what they’re watching. Think of it this manner: TikTok is seen as a daily dose of video therapy that supplies a break out of your wide-spread hobbies, available across a few of content material classes. It’s more than dance it’s entertainment, beauty, music, fitness, travel, and so a lot more, making it the pandora’s box of native, creative and highly engaging content material. Moreover, for the reason that content is in video codecs, it enables users to create or eat in their native tongue.

The availability of vernacular content itself has been a key driver of app installs, user engagement, and many other crucial metrics. There are few instances in a brand’s lifetime when it encounters a real litmus test. A test to see if the logo values it professes and communicates again and again to its audience are genuine or simply marketing fluff. Today, we see ourselves right in the course of this test. As the Covid 19 coronavirus spreads swiftly the world over with a complete push aside for national borders, class or gender, communities all over are seeing a complete overhaul of ‘life as we know it’. In this time, advertising, which has always concentrated on staying applicable by leveraging trending topics, sees itself in a battle.

Not creating posts around the coronavirus might make the emblem sound out of touch, but speaking in regards to the virus for the sake of it can come across as insensitive. With plenty false counsel making the rounds, it’s crucial that brands stay true to respectable facts stated by the realm’s most excellent health organizations. Given the great reach and power to impact that each brand has, it’s critical that we evaluate every piece of information we put out. Brands must also keep a close eye on the tone of their communications. Doomsday esque messages might usher in the shares and engagement, but our duty as brands is better than that. Always comprise credible sources every time you share a post on Coronavirus facts or safety tips.

This could go a long way in guaranteeing every body takes the necessary safety precautions to combat the virus. The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t necessarily mean that brands need to go into damage handle mode. This may be one of the best times for a brand to create a lasting optimistic impression on their audience by offering something of specific value. LinkedIn is one of the best examples of this, having pop out with just a few complementary courses and supplies on operating from home and keeping up productiveness to help those in self quarantine. You also can use this time to branch into new strategies like influencer advertising and vernacular content, or a combination of the two, to arrive your viewers and build credibility.

For instance, influencers can spread social focus messages in the different regional languages your viewers is most comfortable with to get the word across. Are there any current evergreen brand assets like ebooks and whitepapers on your website that need to be up-to-date and enhanced?Or perhaps, there were long standing plans to create new guides, a new video or webinar series or new pages in your website. Most corporations have ideas in the pipeline which never go live due to a lack of time or organizational bandwidth. The relative slowdown because of the Coronavirus could often translate into a lesser workload. This means that you may at last take all of those ideas off the backburner and in fact start bringing them to life!You can strategy this time as a chance to revamp your present brand assets and create new ones that will rake in outcomes once the Coronavirus clears up. Just as vital as spreading correct suggestions about the virus is spreading accurate suggestions about your brand itself.

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Since most actual retailers are shut, be sure you make certain that the most accurate tips about your operating hours is up to date in your GMB listings and on social platforms. Change your working hours to ‘Closed’ if you have a physical presence and aren’t operational. If you’re an e commerce brand and are unable to ship merchandise, make sure that your database of consumers receives a notification about it and that this guidance is displayed for your online page. Once users are aware and have developed consideration for the emblem, it’s time to drive action with focused creatives and clear Call To Actions. At this stage, the purchaser is already conscious about the emblem and is in a able to buy mindset.

With the best communication strategy, the users can easily convert into clients from a prospect lead. The focus here is to make the general pitch and keep it straight ahead with the logo’s product/service details and pricing. Some potential buyers might require the additional push in the variety of a time bound offers/discounted prices to make the general determination. In the last state of the funnel, brands should highlight why consumers should choose their product/carrier instead of their competitor’s as a part of the content material technique. It might also be interesting to segment diverse audience types in response to demographics/behaviour and show clients highly personalised content during this stage to drive the conversion.

Since your target viewers isn’t conscious about what you’re providing, your strategy to advertising and marketing needs to be strategic. Simply put, growth advertising is a process of selecting and implementing scalable processes used to rapidly drive an enormous reach on a budget. Experiential advertising allows you to test the waters, analyse trends and optimize advertising campaigns for superior outcomes. This helps growth acquisition, retention, recall, engagement, and a positive brand image, regardless of whether your agency has a web site, an app, or both. Growth marketing recommendations will work for the common and unique additives of both. Social media is absolutely the best way to engage with audiences far and wide, and it’s up to you to expand your technique beyond likes and comments on posts.

Explore the ‘memories’ traits that a few of them offer, and come up with ways to be creative there. Data shows that over 400 million people engage with Instagram’s ‘thoughts’ characteristic daily. With both video and post codecs accessible, adding elements like polls, countdowns, quizzes, filters, and stickers can increase your engagement rates exponentially. You can also ask customers to mention and tag you so so you might feature user generated content as testimonials to your brand providing. Augmented Reality is an interactive technology this is reshaping how shoppers make their decisions before a purchase order.

In fact, recent stories suggest that almost 61% of online consumers prefer brands employing the AR tool, that could convert viewers into customers. Augmented Reality utilises sophisticated technology to combine and overlap the virtual and real world in the kind of images. All this has led brands to change how they leverage electronic advertising and marketing trends for 2020 with this powerful tool. The benefits of AR are many and types have already started tapping into the monstrous capacity of AR as an critical a part of their business plan. Google’s ARCore allows brands to transform 2D images to 3D models built-in with AR era with which the users can engage with the product for a much better user experience.

With a set of high quality reference AR images, the tool can easily model the AR experience conveniently. Instagram and Facebook are well prior to the curve, with the introduction of SparkAR to adorn the user adventure on social structures. Although there are assorted apps offering the AR experience, Google’s entry into the sector is an important factor for SEO innovations to rank better on the hunt engine when there are commercial queries. This is healthier understood through memories of how some brands used attractive narratives to set the stage to pack an emotional or significant punch, or vox pop videos to increase engagement. Be it the movies that BMW launched in the early 2000s to exhibit their cars or the new Puma campaign on what it is to be a “proper” woman that used the thoughts of a success women like Mary Kom, Dutee Chand, Anjali Lama, and others, to have a good time and provides expression to individuality and women empowerment. The common aspect of both these campaigns is positive storytelling that got the audience’s interest.

This is an evergreen trend that will continue to be essentially the most vital aspect of selling. Our DearManHoldThePan social experiment crusade with WonderChef used impactful storytelling to address gender disparity, starting in the kitchen, between a girl’s role in the kitchen in assessment to that of a man. Cooking is an a must have life skill that shouldn’t be gendered as a role, and here’s the tale we desired to bring out. The video sees conversations with distinctive men and women according to their real life experiences, above all proving that women still bear the brunt of kitchen household tasks. Garnering over 2 million combined views on Facebook and Instagram, the video went viral upon its launch, with scores of people coming ahead in agreement. Our influencer crusade IHeldThePan had the likes of Jay Bhanushali, Swapnil Joshi and 73 other such famous personalities speak up for the cause, proving that storytelling is not only a good way to showcase your creativity, but in addition guarantees outcomes.

Case in point, Himalaya facial wipes, which focused solely on advertising via word of mouth, employed influencers from a selection of diverse niches from way of living and style. These influencers used facial wipes and created engaging content material on both their blogs and social media handles. The content material was eye catching, tailored to the type of fans each influencer had garnered. By exuding class in the course of the product itself, and reliability through the firsthand nature of its advertising, their facial wipes were featured in images across the globe, assisting them to acquire a complete impression of 10 lakh and a complete engagement and clicks of 1. 7 lakhs.

With the aim of connecting Bewakoof with the applicable viewers, we partnered with 9 millennial influencers from across India on TikTok. We asked them to create content material to promote Bewakoof’s merchandise, with a call to action encouraging viewers and fans to download the app. The videos used the customary approach to showing before and after alterations, showing them as their most dependent selves once they wore Bewakoof’s line of apparel. This word of mouth advertising drove engagement and helped Bewakoof obtain over 25,000 app installs and greater than 750 conversions, with a very good return on ad spends. These consequences drive home the undeniable fact that clients are more likely to hearken to people they look up to, who vouch for the reliability of a product.

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As we mentioned before, people attach with brands more after they identify with them. One of the key ways to make that happen is by growing personalized content material for audiences. It is a vital part of the customer ride and the adventure itself. This is why brands comprise personalisation with three relevant and important elements in their advertising and marketing concepts geographic, demographic and language. Personalisation, as a trend has remained unchanging owing to how fundamental it is in any crusade. Segmenting your audiences and appearing them customised messaging in response to their likes and pursuits can absolutely have an effect on any campaign and the logo attach.

Personalised design and content material, too, play an integral role in delivering consequences. In order to bring out the long run rewards of making an investment in mutual funds, we helped Sundaram run ads that showcased the top results of doing so. We created ads with custom designed investment journeys for distinctive viewers segments. These ads displayed diverse visuals which implied that by making an investment in mutual funds, people could reach their financial goals to achieve their dreams. For instance, we focused travel fans who searched for travel and funding related brands and competitor key phrases by placing ads on travel sites.

Similarly, we ran customized ads for car fans who had also searched for investment related key phrases. In our targeting segments, we excluded audiences who searched for car parts, servicing or accessories to ensure applicable audiences saw the ads. To add to that, the ads used images custom designed for a higher fit as a substitute of generic stock images. This ended in a striking 91% increase in conversion rates, a 32% lower in cost per lead, and a 39% boom in click via rates. This goes to show that personalisation gets messages across better, with higher impact. On that note, with so many first time internet users, the upward push of numerous social platforms have seen their giant growth simply simply because they offer their content material and services in vernacular.

Language driven services have had such an impact this year, that even Amazon and Flipkart are making plans to get on this bandwagon soon to catch up with new age gamers like niki. ai, bulbul tv and Shop101. With the next demand for vernacular content online, brands across segments will be forced to discover and bring too in the event that they want to see bigger growth. Storytelling is an impactful way to engage and fasten with customers, and when done in a local tongue, the final results is terribly very own and unique. This is evident in the thumbstopper format that Facebook offers, which intends to inform a narrative with out sound, if you want to seize the essence of a story and be capable of tell it to speakers of any language. Speaking about breaking language barriers, Swiggy recently ran a campaign titled SwiggyStarhunt a platform for delivery partners to exhibit their talent by importing videos on commonplace video sharing app TikTok.

These videos come under the categories of acting, dancing, making a song and musical instruments. Since the crusade was focused at delivery partners, we created a robust social media strategy in 11 languages to snatch their interest and inspire them to participate in the event. The campaign ended in an outpour of uploads onto the video sharing app, with a whopping 44+ million organic views, attaining a pan Indian viewers and giving Swiggy the uplift it deserved. SwiggyStarhunt also is a testomony to the undeniable fact that leveraging new social media platforms like TikTok, along with the relatability of vernacular content, is a superb way to connect with clients. Facebook introduced Spark AR this year for the general public, which allows users on Facebook and Instagram to create filters and upload them online.

Other users can then save these and apply them to their stories. Facebook has been seeing numerous success with the launch of this product and this may likely ‘spark’ AR trends even more. Google had already rolled out Google Lens that is an image cognizance generation that uses the purpose and shoot function to turn fitting search effects. These two giants have showcased the diversity in using AR and how a success it can be when carried out right, driven by function. E trade is the best way of the long run, and with search interaction having greater, most well known corporations will find voice a ecocnomic era to drive sales and revenue.

This has already been evidenced in the massive funding Amazon has put into Alexa and Google into Google Home and its Google Assistant. Businesses will see voice user interface as an innovative tool that allows for faster, more effective purchaser engagement as voice commands surround every sphere of life, using purchases, bills and more. Voice ordering, already a well-liked phenomenon in the US, will start picking up in India to boot. Brands also are tying up with new age start ups like niki. ai to engage with the next billion internet users. These AI powered start ups build user experiences that don’t seem to be just intuitive but in addition in a language that the clients in the Tier II and III cities are comfortable in, making it easy for them to place orders using voice commands.

It’s high quality over quantity, always. Which is why many brands are actually desiring to capitalize on their first party data, as an alternative of deciding upon second and third party data. First party data allows for exact, valuable insights into a buyer’s direct engagement with the brand, even if it’s their individual pursuits, which ads they engage with, or how much time they spend on the logo’s web page. This guidance is unfiltered, specific, and applicable, which helps to construct an audience profile that’s an exact match with the product or carrier in question. It is also reasonable, as it’s free, and is lawful and obvious.

Nike is one such company which has already announced that they can be selling only without delay going ahead. Social media systems have seen quite a few changes this year, that have been a little surprising for each person. At one end, there are structures like TikTok and Sharechat, which incentivized influencers, and at the other end, Instagram rolled out an update that eliminated the like count. The Advertising Standards Council of India has also announced that they are framing new checklist and rules in a bid to protect consumer pursuits, that will include influencer advertising and marketing under its purview. With the aim to curb styles of misleading advice, the reach influencers have, the kind of suggestions they put out, and the engagement brands have with influencers may all change in 2020.