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What social influencer lists don’t account for is the cumulative effect of influence a person achieves over the years and in the “real world”. Lists like this are a image in time – they’re temporal, just like any measure of have an effect on is. No one has an analogous level of impact perpetually. A list of influencers based only on social media data is useful for content material and communications through those social channels.

It’s not the same thing as saying “These individuals are universally influential about social media advertising and marketing for now and all time. ” That’s just silly. Feeling overlooked?A list is inclusive so on occasion the standards scores across a spectrum of the social web cause some filtering, especially when up and coming influencers have extraordinarily high resonance and relevance scores. For instance, Mitch Joel, Chris Brogan, John Jantsch, Beverly Jackson, Konnie Brown, Justin Levy, Scott Monty, Brian Clark, Viveka von Rosen and Sandy Carter are all pretty influential to me in my opinion and to many folks. But they aren’t on this particular social influencer list of 50 for the subject “Social Media Marketing”. That doesn’t mean they aren’t influential in this topic.

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