Social media as a good promotional media for business

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Social media as a good promotional media for business

Social media as a good promotional media for business

One method most often used in business is the use of social media. At present, it can be said that social media is indeed the most effective to sell products. So, social media is often said to be a promotional media.

Many business people use social media. Starting from lower-class businessmen to the upper-middle class. Apart from being a cost of affordable even free, the reach of social media to the audience is arguably quite good.

So, it is not surprising that the competition for content on social media is so strict. Starting from upload photos, videos to captions. Everything is attractive to achieve customer interest in content.

However, as a businessman, you should understand and understand which social media is efficient and effective for promotional media. This article will help you to sort out and choose the promotional media that is suitable for your business.

Social media as a promotional media


One social media that attracts attention to customers is Facebook. Since its presence in 2009, Facebook founded by Mark Zuckerberg was able to attract public attention.

This social media can easily be accessed by anyone. People are quite registering so they can express themselves on the Facebook wall. They can upload articles, photos, to videos.

Later, Facebook was maternity. He was able to use business. Facebook develops Facebook Shop features so that people can do business. Now, both beginner and upper-class people use Facebook as a promotional medium.


At first, the presence of Twitter was considered a Facebook competitor. In fact, not. Critical characters on Twitter are only up to 140 characters. Recently, Twitter innovates by multiplying characters to 280.

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Twitter is only used by people to convey information ala level. However, Twitter was maternity. The presence of promoted tweets that are ready to appear on your timeline can be a business opportunity.

If you use Twitter, people who do business will use words like, “Twitter, please do your magic”. These words are quite slick to attract customer attention, especially new customers.


This is the most popular platform by the world community. Indonesia also has a pretty good market share as Instagram users. The platform which ultimately integrates with Facebook is quite easy to use.

People can promote their business through Instagram posts, Instagram Story to IG TV. As long as your photos and videos are uploaded with good colors and lighting, people will be happy with your content.

So, good content has a positive impact on the level of sales of your business. And, it cannot be denied, until now Instagram is still the right promotional media. Especially plus Instagram shopping features. So, the more lively Instagram users.


Believe it or not believe, when people seek business information often to youtube. The visual era is the cause. People are easier to capture information in the form of videos. This is what can be arrested as a business opportunity.

The profession and most coolest business today are Youtuber. With thousands to millions of spectators, these numbers can turn into money. So, people also flock to enjoy YouTube. You can also use YouTube as a means of promotion in your business.

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