Social Media and Teen Depression: The Two Go Hand In Hand Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA

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Teenagers have felt a are looking to fit in with their peer groups long before social media was even a theory, but generation magnifies the problem in an impressive way. Most people want to blow their own horns to the world when posting online, so they will only highlight their best moments. Going to social events, attending concert events and reaching milestones are a few of the things that kids want to post on their social media debts. Even though each person has issues, people don’t like to post the terrible events in their lives online.

When youngsters scroll through their newsfeed, it is simple for them to think that each one in their friends and classmates are best, making them feel ignored. If you are looking to take steps to lessen the danger and still allow your teen to benefit from the benefits of social media, you are likely considering what options are available. Keeping an open line of conversation with your teen is the main important thing that you just can do. They need to know that they have an individual in whom they can confide when their time on social media takes a turn for the worst. Also, it’s vital you limit the amount of time that childrens spend online for you to inspire them to enhance social skills. Helping them take into account that nobody is perfect and that their peers will always put their best foot ahead will work wonders.

Dr. Nalin is the Founder and Clinical Director of Paradigm Malibu and Paradigm San Francisco Adolescent Treatment Centers. He has been a respected leader in the field of emotional health, behavioral health and teen drug remedy for more than 15 years. During that time, Dr. Nalin has been responsible for the direct care of adolescents at dissimilar establishments of learning adding; The Los Angeles Unified School District, the University of California at San Diego, Santa Monica College, and Pacific University.

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He was instrumental in the development of the treatment element of Los Angeles County’s first Juvenile Drug Court, which now serves as a countrywide model.