SMX Social Media Marketing Day recap the Marvin Gaye Experience DAC

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I have a playlist on my iPod that is only titled ‘astonishing’. I know that’s unimaginative, but on occasion it’s necessary to cut to the chase if you need to prepare for a special day/event/meeting. It’s not subtle. It’s direct and it gets me going. My ‘dazzling’ playlist comprises a little James Brown riffing on how he’s ‘paid the price to be the boss’ along Curtis Mayfield telling the tale of Superfly shut your mouth!.

One artist who figures closely during this playlist is the incomparable Marvin Gaye, and perhaps it’s because I was listening to him very first thing this morning, but I kept going back to that music throughout the day at the inaugural SMX Social Media Marketing convention today in Scottsdale, AZ. There were a number of standout shows today that highlighted specific actionable tactics in social media, from Kevin Scholl of Red Roof Inn who told how his agency made connections with their clients in keeping with talking about things that they cared about, in this case, pet friendly hotels I’ll be doggone and who said that he would ‘rather have 10,000 engaged individuals rather than 100,000 disinterested contributors’, through Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures who uses QandA websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora for content ideas I heard it throughout the grapevine, all of the way to Mathew Guiver of e storm foreign, who offered a masterclass on how to promote on Twitter His eye is on the sparrow. James Zolman of Quality Scores offered one of the more fresh displays, specializing in ideas that they tried and that were… below stellar in their effects My mistake but that showed the ingenuity and braveness in it’s essential in trying out techniques within an emerging channel. Everything in social media, just like every little thing in search revolves around content material. As Marvin put it, What good am I with out you?Content is the hub around which every little thing revolves. Good, unique and relevant content material that the advertiser publishes and controls is the principal part to social media advertising and marketing.

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This is why Drew Conrad of Zagg talked about how it is critical to go users from a Facebook environment to a touchdown page infrastructure that is designed to transform. Content is at the center of Google +, as passionately described by Tim Moore of Crush IQ. You are not also be buying commercials through social channels if you don’t have authoritative content that marks you as actual in the eyes of your customers Ain’t nothing like the real thing. If this sounds like a search argument content, relevance, conversion, ROI, then that’s no coincidence. The cold, analytical and data driven attitude it’s aiding search marketers take over the electronic world, moving relentlessly into upper funnel attention ads in the shape of screen ads is what is being utilized here. And it’s us search agents with our math which are going to win in this game Ego tripping out as a result of we choose not to hide behind smoke and mirrors.