SME Marketing Strategy Ahead of the Holidays

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SME Marketing Strategy Ahead of the Holidays

SME Marketing Strategy Ahead of the Holidays

SME Marketing Strategy Ahead of the Holidays

The misguided momentum before holidays and during holidays is considered a ‘harvest’ period for business actors, both in the retail product sector and the service sector. This is because the community has a larger allocation of funds to spend before and after the holidays.

Therefore, business actors need to apply the right marketing strategy to take advantage of opportunities.

Observing this fact, business actors need to launch some marketing strategies to achieve turnover targets so that they can maintain business continuity. Marketing activity can be defined as ‘The art of selling products.

The most important part of marketing is not selling but offering and exchanging products to consumers based on their wants and needs.

The marketing elements from the producer side consist of, product, price, location, distribution, and promotion. It also relates to elements from the customer side, namely customer solutions, customer costs, convenience, and communication. The following is a more complete explanation according to Arif Yusuf Hamali in “Understanding Business and Entrepreneurship Strategies” related to marketing strategies that need to be carried out by business people.

Product Strategy

When marketing goods/services during the holiday momentum, you need to prepare a strategy from the product side. It is intended that the products offered to get the attention of consumers and then buy and consume them according to their wishes or needs during the holidays.

The product strategy that you need to do so that the marketing of goods/services continues to develop, among others, Determining a logo and motto.

A logo is the hallmark of a product, while the motto is a series of words that contain the company’s vision and mission in serving the community. Both must be designed properly, at least they must have a positive meaning, attract attention, and be easy to remember.

You also need to create a brand. This can be interpreted as a name, term, symbol, design, or a combination of all of them as identification for consumers of the goods/services being marketed. For a brand to be easily recognized, it is necessary to consider factors that are easy to remember, look great and modern, have a positive meaning, and attract attention.

Another strategy, you need to create packaging that meets various requirements, such as packaging quality, shape, color, and other designs. Finally, you need to affix the label attached to the product packaging.

The content of the label must explain the name of the manufacturer, the location of manufacture, the time of manufacture along with the expiration time, how to use it, and other information needed by consumers.

Pricing Strategy

Determining the price of goods/services is an important thing to pay attention to because this is one of the main factors that underlie the behavior or failure of a product. Incorrect pricing will harm the products offered.

In determining product prices, there are methods of modification or price discrimination. This method can be regarded as differentiating pricing based on a certain invoice.

The modification method can be described when you want to differentiate the price between regular customers and ordinary consumers. For example, prices for loyal customers are cheaper than regular customers or new customers to maintain relationships and increase customer loyalty.

Prices are differentiated based on a certain period. For example, the price of product A during the holiday momentum is twice as expensive as the normal period because of the consideration that demand during holidays increases and products are difficult to obtain.

Prices can also be differentiated based on the form of the product or the advantages of a particular product. For example, chair A is sold more expensive than chair B because product A has additional foam, while product B is only wood without foam.

Product prices can be differentiated based on the place where the product is offered. For example, the price of product A in the mall is more expensive than the price of product A in traditional markets because of the consideration that rental tax is imposed and the location is more convenient.

Another method is goal-based pricing. In this case, the initial price of the product is set as high as possible to give the impression that the product being offered is of high quality and quality or obtains a high profit.

Furthermore, the initial price of the product is set very low to survive or expand market share. With low prices, it is hoped that the product will sell quickly on the market, the number of customers will increase, even customers from competitors switch to products offered by the company.

Location and Distribution Strategy

Determining the location and distribution of products is important so that consumers can easily reach each location and distribute your products. Especially when Ramadan and Eid are known to be vulnerable in distribution activities.

When determining a marketing location, you need to consider that the location should be close to industrial areas, office areas, market areas, government centers, and residential locations. Besides, the company also needs to pay attention to the number of competitors who are in that location.

Finally, companies must pay attention to the supporting facilities and infrastructure available in that location, for example in the form of roads, electricity, terminal access, stations, or ports.

In terms of product distribution or distribution, companies generally consider buyer or market factors. Customer characteristics, including the number and frequency of purchases and geographic location of consumers, influence the distribution approach.

Another factor is product characteristics. Complex, custom-made, and expensive products tend to use short, direct distribution channels.

Finally, the producer factor. Producers who have large financial, managerial, and marketing resources can use direct channels, whereas small companies will use intermediary distribution services.

Promotion Strategy

Promotion is the most powerful means of marketing activities to attract and retain consumers, especially in the momentum leading up to the current Holidays. Business activities without promotion will not run because customers will find it difficult to recognize the products offered.

The promotion strategy aims to inform all types of products offered and try to attract new potential customers. There are four kinds of promotion that can be done, namely through advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and personal selling.

Advertising is a means of promotion that is used to inform, attract and influence potential consumers of the products offered. Promotion can be done through various advertising media such as billboards, brochures, banners, advertisements in newspapers, magazines, television, and radio.

The purpose of advertising is not only to inform the product, but also to recall product excellence, gain traction from potential customers, and influence competing customers to move to your product.

Sales promotion is usually done to increase sales or the number of customers. This can be done by giving special prices or discounts, giving sweepstakes to customers who buy a certain amount, giving merchandise, or other promotions.

Promotion in the form of publicity is carried out to lure potential customers through exhibitions, social services, and other things. This is aimed at increasing the company’s prestige in the eyes of consumers. Finally, personal selling or personal selling is carried out by employees to prospective customers one by one personally.

The marketing strategy through the promotion channel will not be carried out properly if the company does not have an accurate calculation regarding the promotional budget that must be disbursed in a certain period. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.