SME 101: Business Guide Success

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SME 101: Business Guide Success

SME 101 Business Guide Success

When you see the successful business people you idolize, you must also establish your own business and develop your own business. Well, starting an SME business from now is one step you can take. Here we will discuss what SMEs are, steps that need to be prepared, and UKM development tips.

With a relatively small capital, you can start SMEs by venturing you to take new risks. Therefore, we make this article to help you prepare yourself to start running SMEs.

First, let’s start from the bottom. Here is a correct understanding of SMEs!

What are SMEs?

SMEs (small and medium businesses) are small types of businesses with a net worth of 200 million rupiahs or less. This figure does not include soil or building (business place) owned.

Based on Presidential Decree No. 99 of 1998, the definition of small business itself is: “Small-scale people’s economic activities with the field of businesses which are the majority are small business activities and need to be protected to prevent unhealthy business competition.”

How to build and develop SME businesses

Building your own business is not easy. Many stages must be passed before you start an SME.

What is complete? Let’s look at a few steps to make SMEs.

Make a business plan

Of course in making plans you need to recognize your own business like what will be run. Starting from market segmentation to connected partners, all of which need to be arranged neatly.

With a mature plan, you can execute everything correctly and smoothly. The targets and images that had previously felt abstracted had been broken down into simple points.

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These points can be your reference. Everything can be mapped into the Canvas business model.

Small and quality team forms

If your capital is limited and can not recruit many employees, you can recruit a quality small team. Be honest with them about your business financially.

If you find the right person, they will understand your condition and are interested in helping to build a shared business. In addition to helping your SMEs, this method can build your integrity, dedication, and patience along with your team in building a business.

Determine effective SOP

In doing things related to the profession, there is always a standard work standard. SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) is a guide used to complete work properly, both time or quality for your SMEs.

With a predefined system, all team members can operate with the same rule book. SOP also makes it easy to assess the work results and unite the vision of all team members.

Take advantage of technological developments

At present, the development of technology is soaring. You can use a platform like Google My Business, Instagram Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, WhatsApp Business, and so on as a driving factor for your SME development.

If you offer a physical product, you can also register your Toko in third-party applications such as gojek, grab, sayurbox, halodoc, and so on according to the product category you sell.

Of course, with the existence of online SMEs, you can start easily with a website for easy search. 97% of people find local businesses from online searches, not in other ways.

Execution of a business plan

Well, the last step of course is executing what you have planned. Try to follow the timeline or the set time limit. Stay focus on your goals and be careful in taking every decision, especially those related to finances.

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Developing business itself indeed always has a big risk, both in terms of financially or moral. Therefore, you must be selective in making decisions and choosing work partners. Don’t forget to learn a lot of suggestions and information from business people who have run their business longer.


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