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So far my experience with SmartyAds DSP has been positive. The platform is straightforward to use, so you don’t need to spend hours seeking to decide how every little thing works, atmosphere campaigns, etc. With this DSP I created my first brand recognition crusade the consequences were incredible as I also managed to understand my viewers better across the way. And when something about the platform was unclear, I could always ask the assist team these guys have been quite beneficial and friendly. I could choose distinct device types, in addition to site visitors types to create a seamless user experience on mobile and computer.

There is even an choice to advertise on attached TVs!As a huge supporter of omnichannel marketing, I found this characteristic great as it is key to significant communique with customers. I also liked that they use IAB categories for the formats, which is awfully handy. Thanks to this, you don’t have to spend time navigating around or trying to guess the proper creative category. Performance monitoring and reporting are very user friendly these are not elements, where it is easy to wander off. Everything is clear and up to the purpose, which is terribly handy, especially for the novice. The cost efficiency was an alternate pleasant shock.

I mostly use CPM for my business, which I consider a good model for brand awareness campaigns. The engagement rates were wonderful almost from the very delivery. The campaigns are easy to manage and also you are consistently in handle of how your budget is spent. Besides, which you could always adapt your advertising method if something is not operating the way it was meant a good apply if you’re unsure about your target audience in the very beginning. These facets allowed me to arrive my viewers and spend my ad budget wisely anything that was at times a controversy on other DSPs.

Great work, I would totally put forward it!SmartyAds DSP media buying tool automates ad campaigns for our agency that works with brands at once. The great point is that the platform is very intuitive, it doesn’t require specific competencies to tune and navigate it. No matter if a shopper wants to promote only on actual sites, spend a hard and fast amount of money per day, or hit only sure audiences at a particular time and venue here’s easy to manage with 30+ targeting options and wide filters. The platform works with computing device, in app, mobile, CTV and variety of formats. All these points help to suit each ad crusade to individual KPI and goals.

Their assist team is always pleasant and able to help in all circumstances. Good job “We attached on the Supply Side Server three hundred and sixty five days ago after which we didn’t get any ads because Smartyads told us that we have to have 5000 impressions before they start sending ads. Now after 365 days we now have 16. 000 ad requests from our app daily so we activated the relationship to the Smartyads server again. There is a certain amount of labor and money needed to do so but anyhow being assured that we might get ads we though it was a good solution.

After having done the connection and got it authorized by Smartyads this is done through letting you access the panel where you sign up inventory, we started watching for the ads. No ad was introduced by Smartyads. After a couple of days both our development agency external and ourselves wrote to their support email no chat, no help ticket system. 3 4 passed and we glided by with none answer from the support. Finally I be able to find a host 1 nation code, hinting that it was an American agency, but it kind of feels it is from Ukraine and after having called two times Ii reached a person who told me that she didn’t know much about this. She spoke some English but removed from ultimate.

She told me that she would talk to the aid. I waited a couple of days but got no answer. I sent an email to them again. Another day with out answer, but then ultimately I got an answer and after that we exchange several emails. First they said that the quantity is too low, then that the . txt – files were lacking, which they weren’t, then that we have chosen a class that “is wrong” why is there a class that you may chose that might block them from sending ads?after which that they’d report the challenge to the COO.

We have exchanged 25 emails they usually haven’t any clue and it kind of feels that no one cares. It should even be said that I wrote to their publishers email address two month ago with out getting any answer at all. There are so many ad servers available and a few are undoubtedly critical so just avoid SmartyAds and you will be a happier person. ” I use SmartyAds Demand Side Platform. Actually, I love working with this company.

SmartyAds offers a lot of advantages for their clients and all of them roughly are useful for me. For instance, I promote my blog about touring, there was only a couple of thousand of visitor a few months ago, but for now, my site visitors is persistently increasing, and more and more people from all over the world are coming to read my content material. That’s stunning. Also, I had some questions on my advertisements campaign, but I wrote on the e-mail and get all the solutions I needed. And the big plus is that I can easily set up my crusade from scratch. I like the interface of the platform but it might be better to make a bigger font in some places.