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Cut out the “Ad Middleman” and increase your site’s earnings with out risk by combining your direct ads with Google AdSense, Yahoo!Publisher Network, Microsoft AdCenter in one ad placement. Sooner or later, most site owners using the average Adsense style associate courses discover that their traffic is worth more than the earnings share that their ad provider gives to them. They day dream about being capable of sell their ad inventory at once to these advertisers and slicing out the “Ad Middleman” who gives them the mysterious “income share” percent. Most never go through with it on account of the colossal costs in programming an ad management system, in addition to the worry that by simply doing away with their current ad carrier, they are going to lose an excessive amount of income while the direct ad selling technique occurs.

There is way effectivity you’ll gain with the hot SmartPPC Ad Market system: superior focused on helps you to find your viewers; serving text, static image and animated flash adverts – brings your system’s users to make online exhibit appealing to customers; artistic optimization – allows to regulate CPC, CPM, CPA, Flat Rate campaigns to serve only one of the best performance; integrated reporting tools clarifies your system’s outcomes; contextual and key phrase based advertising puts best ads forward; Up thus far visitor protection strategies providing fraud clicks prevention; Friendly intuitive interface and plenty of other useful facets. SmartPPC Ad Market provides a large number of advantages to your publishers, your advertisers, and for you. Among the innovative features of this solution the original visual editor is worth emphasizing. It means that you can and your publishers to create mockups of your current web sites and specify placements of ads where advertisers can display their announcements. Advertisers when developing their ad campaigns can view mockups with expanding representation of all system’s sites, placed on those sites ads channels and their parameters.

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Thus web sites’ mockups and sophisticated counsel help advertisers to choose sites where they want to show their ads. Undoubtedly, this visual interface helps you to allure new advertisers into your system and in consequence will increase you income.