Small business hooks a large customer – what is the strategy?

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Small business hooks a large customer – what is the strategy?

Small business hooks a large customer what is the strategy

Do you feel free to pursue a big client because you operate in a small-scale business? We have good news for you. You don’t need to be a big company to get big clients.

The advantages of small businesses that are not owned by large companies

Small companies have many advantages compared to larger competitors. Like driving a plane, a large company is not as fast as and a small completing business. Large companies are often hampered by their size in making changes, so it becomes difficult and slow.

Small businesses can also be more innovative and try new things because they are not slowed by experience. The steps taken by small companies are very fast, and this speed is very useful when marketing new products.

Fast change

As a small business owner, you get a clear advantage of changes in plans or tactics that are faster than large competitors. You can release the product to the market faster if you only have some people involved in the production process.

Large companies must involve many people in processing product development. You can also customize the product, based on customer feedback, this is much easier than your big competitors. When they are still studying the choices that can be done then get approval, you can already release the product on the market.

Become a family

A sense of being part of the family is also the advantage of small businesses that are not found in large companies. Employees are treated like family members, and in many cases, they are indeed family members who are part of the family business.

These family feelings often create great energy while running the project and passing difficult times. The spirit of family encourages small businesses towards awesome success.

Close to customers

Close to important customers for business success, and small businesses are often closer to customers than large companies. Small businesses can meet customers more often and develop personal relations better than large companies.

Large companies have many layers and departments and often have complicated procedures that block close contact with customers. Customer complaints can be overcome quickly and the level of personalization is higher in small businesses, so relations with customers for the long term are easier and more profitable.

Slim structure

Small businesses tend to be very lean. There are fewer employees than larger organizations and also fewer management layers. With fewer employees, small companies do not need to do layoffs in difficult times and business operations run more efficiently.

Having fewer layers of management make decisions agreed upon faster, resulting in flexibility and adaptation that large companies do not have. Slim structures mean that each employee can be closer to business and customers, making both understand how companies work and increase customer satisfaction.

Small business strategy to get big customers

Here are some strategies that can be used by small businesses to hook large clients:


The first thing to distinguish yourself is the product you sell or the service you provide. When you open a local store, provide goods that customers are not easily found elsewhere.

Local boutiques can sell a collection of unique items found by the owner when shopping at distributors, combining them with products made by local craftsmen.

It not only benefits by providing something that is not anywhere else for customers, but also supports local craftsmen, and flows money back to the local economy.

When you provide services, you need to give an additional touch to compete with a big brand. Very often customers choose local providers because of word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews. You need to work hard to keep customers happy and spread the services you provide.

For restaurants, cafes and small places, food usually carries plastic to return. You have to work hard to make sure each customer consistently has a good experience for your restaurant at once to avoid potential customers to go.

Get to know your customers in a personal

One thing that makes customers very frustrating is when they need help, they have to pass many things to get it. They dialed the customer’s hotline number, only to wait long so that they can finally talk to customer service representatives who don’t care.

To make you superior in competition, focus on personalizing the experience of each customer. Learn the customer’s names and their shopping preferences and then use this information.

When you see products that you know like one of the customers, buy the product and tell the customer if you have something he might like.

Additional touches like this will create brand loyalty that continues for years.

The importance of contact information

You might see many customers coming to your business this year. Don’t let them just leave, try to get their contact information to send offers and discounts in the future. Give them the choice to register or reject it and set the marketing plan to reach for them.

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After having the information you need, use it wisely. Excessive marketing will only make them upset and do not want to subscribe. Use the latest tool to personalize each marketing message based on previous customer interactions with your business.

Price competition

Large companies often win customers by only giving cheaper prices. As this small business means you must remain vigilant for the price of the product you provide and stake the price of goods at that point or below it. You can do price comparisons online because many brands include prices on their website so that customers can see them.

Service-based businesses must make customers easily pay. This means the Invoicing process is incorporated with one-click online payment. This also means arrangement so that the service team can accept credit card payments. The mobile card reader tool is a good choice for developing businesses because it makes employees receive payments using a smartphone or tablet.

Take risk

One biggest advantage of being a small business is flexibility. Great businesses often experience difficulties, even the smallest change requires hard work and months or annual for its implementation.

As a smaller business, you can make changes to business models without significant interference. Although it is important to operate consistently so that customers know what is expected, you can make small changes such as selling new products or starting food trucks to participate in special events.

Don’t be afraid to take risks as entrepreneurs. The risk will be a thing that encourages you from a small startup into a middle-level business.


Use technology

Small business owners can now easily analyze data without the need for IT staff to do it. The small business currently has the advantage of operating in an era where technology has made small businesses look great. Tools such as Accounting Software, CRM applications, and business intelligence platforms can provide convenience on each aspect of its operations.

For the best results, buy some different tool packages before making choices. Some particular software factories specialize in offers on small businesses. You will find prices and features that are more suitable for your needs. Greater competitors use complicated software but this is not the right thing for your business right?


One way for local and small businesses to compete is to unite strength. Two adjacent business fruit can be a team to attract customers to two places at once. Or they can work together to pay for something that they cannot pay themselves.

Small businesses can also benefit from local community support. Community organizations are usually looking for ways to promote and help locally owned businesses.

Participate in various events for this purpose and active in your local community. This will give you a large exposure level that is usually not owned by a big business

Small business is the soul and heart of the local community. By creating a unique and personal experience for customers, you mean it offers something that competitors cannot provide. Local businesses and small startups must realize that they can side with a big business if they meet different customer needs.

The partnership is an important part of your business growth. When searching for companies as partners, consider your strengths and weaknesses and find companies that can complete them in the form of skills, geographical range, and relations.

If there is too much inattance, the benefits will only be on the one hand, so make sure there are benefits for both parties. One thing to remember, commercial partnerships must be fair, so discuss contracts with specialists who understand your wishes.

Quality testimonials

When you run a small business or start a business, to make clients want to work with you, they need evidence you can show. The most valuable evidence can be in the form of a written video or testimony. The testimonial video section on the website is the most visited page of the page.

Businesses that are still new can quickly build testimonials by providing good offers, for example, you can offer full version trial features of your product or service instead of a good review. And don’t forget to offer a reward program for clients who give references to your service.

Signal trust

Your company website is often the first contact point with potential clients. To gain trust, transparency is important. Here are some simple ways that you can try so that customers come to your website:

  • Use SSL encryption for pages that request users fill out the form.
  • Site optimization for speed and easy navigation
  • Use professional copy editor services to polish all site content
  • Include a complete privacy policy.

The more detailed and updated your contact information, the better. In addition to the website contact form, including a toll-free number and information about the office hours and the estimated response time. When you run an e-commerce, give a virtual office address.

On the page about us, including the headshot of each team member with a short biodata about related experiences. Investment in professional photography will give you profitable dividends. You can include photos of the staff on the homepage. It helps “humanize” online companies and members feel they are connected with you even though they have not met directly.

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Consider adding short video clips or animation to the homepage that describes how the product works or serves you. Professionally edited videos are still affordable for the price and this is a creative way to add visitors to the website. After adding videos, your conversion rate can increase.

Focus on the local level

For beginners, it is much easier to deal with key decision-makers located in the same city, where there are many networks and relations opportunities. Also more likely you know people at the company you are trying to do. Don’t underestimate the power of a warm introduction.

Not only this reduces the time to reach the point of contact you want, but also humanizes you, so you are no longer a sales staff, but more becoming a friend.

Take advantage of opportunities

If there is one sure thing about selling a product or service to the client, it is not only one right way to sell to clients. If there is a door open, take that chance. If you have one creative idea, try applying it. One thing is definitely if you don’t get into the game, you have no chance to win.

Define your target audience

Women aged 35 to 55 years might be the beginning, but this alone is not enough. Create a detailed profile for your target customer. The more segments you identify, the more potential hosts you can approach.

Women’s clothing boutiques marketed by BMW owners, for example, determine their customers the possibility of driving certain types of cars, subscribing to certain hair salons, joining a health club, and possibly playing bridges. Birdfeed stores can have a list of consumers who shop outdoor or are affiliated with local conservation groups.

Identification of local businesses that serve the same market segment

That way, you can not only bring people to your initial door but also create the possibility they will come back again. For cigarette stores, for example, hosted partners can include men’s clothing makers, shoe stores, car dealers, and a sports club. And don’t forget non-commercial organizations.

Maintain a digital reputation

Both most business transactions occur online or offline, one indicator for the company’s credibility is its presence on the web, and especially its position in search results. Commit to improving the image of the company on the web with the following plans:

  • Create SEO as a priority. For visitors coming to your site by adding a newsfeed that makes the public follow the latest developments in your company, such as the contract that you have agreed on.
  • Keep the daily presence on large social media channels.
  • Become a regular contributor to online publications. Use editor services with good content to show your superiority on target markets.

Remember, without a budget or staff-owned by a large business, credibility is the value of your most valuable asset.

Choose wisely

When pursuing new clients, learn the market carefully. Know news about business in your area. Which potential client widened his business? Have there been significant leadership changes? Which big client is most likely to need your current service or in the future?

Personal Brand

Branding has an important role. But as a small business owner, especially if you provide professional services, your first and main focus is on a personal brand, not a company brand.

When using expert services from outside such as consultants, trainers, and speakers, this type of sales is usually close to relations and reputation. The more you emphasize yourself as a leader in your field, by being a speaker, through media coverage and marketing content, the more perhaps the client will buy from you.

Find your niche

You can’t be anything for anyone. You can be very good at certain things. Allocate time to find out and understand what you do is better than others. Focus then grill your strength.

Develop a strategy to obtain a customer repeat

This is your long-term goal. In the women’s clothing boutique giving a kimono, a strategy to encourage people who are looking or shop towards the dressing room and try other clothes. Whatever specific plans, this method is the most effective way that quickly attracts the mass of customers to new businesses.

Thus some strategies that have small businesses can do. For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.