Six steps to a wireless site survey Computerworld

The Aruba Mobility Controller tool is accessible as a free trial and is an integrated part of their instant switch product. The Wireless Control System tool from Cisco costs $4,000, and Trapeze’s RingMaster costs an extra $549. If you haven’t decided on a wireless infrastructure vendor, evaluating the analysis tool will be a part of your decision manner. One issue with these tools is that, since they use the actual wireless infrastructure to report on coverage, they don’t do nearly as good a job of reporting on dead spots and areas of poor radio coverage. Depending to your floor plans and the variety of barriers, including thick walls and metal walls, you should still wish to acquire some of the walk around tools mentioned previously.

Finally, there are large scale simulation tools. These are useful for multifloor, campus size tests and are beneficial for big deployments related to simulations or require the modeling of a number of eventualities. These tools consist of AirTight Networks’ SpectraGuard Planner, Motorola’s Wireless Valley LANPlanner, AirDefense Survey and Bluesocket’s Wireless LAN Planner. Trapeze’s RingMaster also has the capability to do radio modeling and simulation. These tools are useful for estimating the complete number of APs you will have, and that they do a comparatively good job of simulating the eventual environment, but they’re able to’t inform you about interfering devices or offer you a complete overview of your wireless networking atmosphere.

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