Six Sigma as a Method for Maintaining Business Product Quality

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Six Sigma as a Method for Maintaining Business Product Quality

Six Sigma as a Method for Maintaining Business Product Quality

The product quality in a business determines your brand in the eyes of customers, whether it is good or bad. So, to maintain this quality, an appropriate method is needed. This method is called the Six Sigma method.

Six Sigma is an amalgamation of the two models in control and quality. The first is SPC (Statistical Process Control), and the second is TQM (Total Quality Management).

Both are used to identify problems, find problems, solve problems, improve the process, and produce quality products.

Besides, the products created are of high quality, in the sense that they are durable. The most important thing is to minimize product defects. Something every businessman wants.

Improving the production process is a must in doing business. With the Six Sigma method, you can find out how effective the process is and can be optimized.

Six Sigma is also useful for reducing variation by using existing statistical techniques. The percentage of success that needs to be achieved is 99%. Thus, the larger the sigma value, the less error appears.

So that the Six Sigma method is good for solving production problems such as reducing costs, reducing defective products, and developing market potential.

So, what are the benefits of the Six Sigma method?

1. Speed ​​Up Repair

Every product usually needs repair or revision to improve product quality. With Six Sigma, these improvements can occur. This is important to do to increase consumer satisfaction with the product.

2. Add Value

The value in question does not mean a number but has its characteristics in your product. It is undeniable that every product has value. If the product is of good quality, the value in the eyes of consumers must be high.

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3. Achieve Success

What’s interesting about the Six Sigma method is that there is a way to achieve success. Every business person will want to increase sales and satisfied customers with your service. So it needs certain strategies to achieve it.

Thus, the strategy not only promotes success but can be continuous.

4. There is a measurable change

Each method must have a different measure of success. So it is with Six Sigma. You can feel it when you get new relationships, new customers, or new markets.

However, all of these things will be created if cooperation and solidarity are always established between each member.

5. Become a benchmark

After you improve and improve the quality, your product or service will become a benchmark for other competitors. Not only that, when a product has reached the maximum sigma value, it is inevitable that other products will follow suit.

Then, how to apply Six Sigma in the production process?

Six Sigma applies a certain principle called DMAIC. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Each of these words has its meaning.

1. Define

From the name, it is clear that define is a definition. The purpose is to determine what the core problem is, define the core process, and identify critical to quality.

2. Measure

After being able to define the process to the problem, the second thing is to measure. Measure is used to analyze the current situation and condition. Then, measure the performance before making improvements.

3. Analyze

Now, Analyze is commonly used to analyze problems such as product defects. The methods used are check sheets, histograms, Pareto charts, control charts, scatter diagrams, run charts, and causal diagrams. When the method has been practiced, the result is information about product defects.

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4. Improve

After passing the third stage, the next step is to improve. Repairing the product after noticing the problem. Before carrying out repairs, it’s a good idea for the team to coordinate from the top to the bottom.

Because, will determine the course of business development in the future.

5. Control

The last one is supervision or control. This is necessary to find out whether, after the repair, there are still defective products. Supervision must be carried out in a measured and thorough manner.

Besides, reports are made so that later it will be easy for you to check and for interested parties to consider for business continuity.

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