Should Brands Consider TikTok Ads in their Post Coronavirus Ad Strategy? The KPI Agency

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Its early ties with Musical. ly have left many adults viewing it as a lip sync or dancing platform that makes it too easy for little ones to share private videos. It’s been accused of not accurately overlaying data, specifically of its more youthful users, and it’s been investigated over national safeguard issues in the US. In 2019 it was in short banned in India over issues of pornographic content material and predatory behavior. TikTok has released transparency reports to tackle these issues and created a “Safety Center” as well as very strict policies monitoring and disallowing debatable content like political ads and pornographic content material.

Chipotle will rejoice its one year TikTok anniversary in May 2020. Before the agency joined, users were already talking about the brand on the platform, and the company took time to carefully examine the conversations and context of those posts. They’ve tailored well by doing things like launching a GuacDance problem on National Avocado Day which reached over 430 million views Those videos now have over one billion video starts. and made guacamole sales spike of their eating places by 68% riding 800,000 sides of guacamole served breaking a record for Chipotle’s single day Guacamole sales in company historical past. Mucinex was the first OTC pharmaceutical brand to use TikTok, with their TooSickToBeSick halloween campaign. They used the accepted transformation video format where users began their videos browsing extraordinarily ill, took Mucinex, and then transformed into dazzling versions of themselves on their way out the door.

The branded hashtag has generated almost 1 Billion views. Mucinex has these days adopted that up with another campaign in February of 2020 called BeatTheZombieFunk. Mucinex partnered with Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker, the husband and wife duo who seemed on “So You Think You Can Dance,” to choreograph a “zombie dance” that shows how Mucinex aids cold and flu signs. Step 3: Set clear expectancies. Know what the campaign is attempting to accomplish and communicate that certainly with the chose influencers. You can now crowdsource creative ideas by creating a transparent brief and using companies like Famebit you can have video creators and influencers pitch you on their ideas.

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This strategy can help you swiftly brainstorm ideas and get to market much faster, that is specifically important presently as brands rely less on the massive behemoth agencies, but more on lower price, more nimble and socially distanced remote creators and agencies that can get their work produced in the current panorama. Content can be measured with three metrics: the number of video views, the kind and amount of engagements, and sales generated from the in app acquire option. The more eyes in your videos the simpler, but if it involves engagement, brace your self for a pleasant shock. Unlike structures like Facebook and YouTube, comments and engagement on TikTok can be tremendously friendlier and kinder. Users are commonly searching for things they prefer, not things to bash, with one exception. Paid Ads are patently marked as such and because there currently are not lots of them, users naively are battling to maintain their feeds ‘native’.

A common sort of protest to ads on the platform is a user simply commenting “f” on an ad as a type of protest to the idea of having ads on the platform. Ads that don’t come off as contextually relevant often get a large number of those filler feedback. Brands should post significant ads and reply to comments identical to they would on another platform.