Setting up a Pi Hole for whole home ad/tracker blocking Jeff Geerling


Hi Jeff. Since I have an Airport Extreme too, it was recommended I follow your instructions for setting up pi hole on my new Raspberry PI 3B, bought for that goal. The excellent news is that pi hole thinks it is operating. The bad news is that after I point the fundamental DNS surroundings of the Airport Extreme at the pi hole address, the Airport Extreme is proud of the change, but I lose access to the Internet from it. Normally, I use the OpenDNS DNS servers, 208,67,222,222 and 208.

67. 220. 220. I set the pi hole up to also use those with out issue as it was one in their main decisions. My present suspicion as to the problem is that The Network Information for the System in pi hole shows the Pi hole IPv4 address as: 192. 168.

1. 13/24, instead of its real address of 192. 168. 1. 13 and sadly, I’m not seeing a way to alter that via the admin settings for pi hole. I do have a DHCP reservation for the pi hole at 192.


168. 1. 13 set up in the Airport Express, and am using the OpenDNS Updater to be sure OpenDNS knows about our real Internet tackle for our home network’s cable box if that ever adjustments. I comprehend it is close to working because the pi hole dashboard shows a lot of traffic, from a lot of stations on my LAN to lots of domains on the Internet in the course of the time I had the Airport Extreme looking to point its DNS at the pi hole. Somehow, that just didn’t translate into actual Internet access in line with the Airport Extreme and my iMac.

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Any idea where I’ve gone wrong and how to fix it?Thanks much.