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Social media is fast becoming a new type of media for online social interaction. It also is a new communique medium platform which encourages individuals to become co producers, co creators and co developers. In other words, social media allows people to shift flexibly between the role of viewers and author. The term “Social Media” started with Rohit Bhargava of Ogilvy Public Relations in 2006. It is a collective term for online interactive “applied sciences and practices that individuals use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives” Wikipedia, 2010.

Currently, the social media platforms are combinations of online Web based collaborative tools which permit people and organizations to instantly collaborate, to share tips and to speak about ideas. As well, thwy allows people to form a highly available online collaborative neighborhood. In 2010, Kaplan and Haenlein defined six alternative social media types in their Business Horizons article called Users of the realm, unite!The challenges and alternatives of Social Media and Social Netwroks is one of them. In 1954, the term “Social Network” was first coined by J. A. Barnes in the book Human Relations – Class and Committees in a Norwegian Island Parish.

According to Wikipedia 2010, a social networks is a social structure made up of individuals or companies called “nodes,” which are tied related by one or more true sorts of interdependency, resembling friendship, kinship, common attention, monetary exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of ideals, skills or prestige. In other words, they allow people to build their online personal profile and fasten with their friends to form their own social network. As well, they assist to share content with others and to allow people to keep in touch more interactively. The normal examples of social networks are Facebook and MySpace see Figure 1. 0. Nike see Figure 2.

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0 is an American agency and was centered as Ble Ribbon Sports in January 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight. With more than 30,000 Nike staff across six continents in the world, Nike is the realm’s premier sporting clothing and equipment issuer Nike, 2010. Nike is using social networks to arrive out to buyers and young audiences, in addition to, to let them share their own sports story with others. In July 2006, Nike and Apple partnered up together to launch a new revolutionary Nike+iPod product, Nike Plus see Video 1. 0.

It is also called Nike + iPod that is a know-how providing motivation to runners in 180 international locations around the world Nike, 2010. It also allows them to track their non-public workout data, upload their running/strolling assistance and connects ruuners around the world at a domain, Nike+ see Figure 3. 0 where it’s aggregated with all the other data uploaded by all of the other runners and walkers Hames, 2008. Most importantly, Nike+ website is a digital gathering place for the runners. They have jointly logged 459 million kilomiles. In other words, Nike creates a web community with social network applications Nike Plus | Facebook, Nike Plus | Twitter for the patrons to communicate, to allow them to be engaged and will be part of a group no matter if it is a digital group or digital neighborhood and even if it is a physical group.