September Hired In A Week

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Brainstorming Exercise: Answer These 5 Questions What do you most want to obtain this year?Outline an ambitious but achievable goal for the 4th Quarter. Get strategic. What would benefit you most, or do the most good for your enterprise?Consider the ONE thing that might have the main impact. What is protecting you back from your goal?Journal out all the purposes and excuses why you haven’t yet reached this goal.

Look over each of these points carefully and investigate in the event that they are real… or just imagined. Figure out what’s REALLY retaining you back from your goal, and FIX that. How are you spending a while?How are you presently spending a while daily, and every week?Is the style you spend some time in line with attaining your highest priorities?Tip: Keep a Time Log for a better 72 hours and track exactly how you spend it slow. Compare that to your goals and priorities. What can you do MORE of, and LESS of?After analyzing your schedule and your Time Log, decide what be sure you do less of, and what make sure you spend more time doing as an alternative. Create a time table that permits you to focus on your priorities, and CREATE the time to your time table to implement your Q4 Action Plan.

Fast Forward: What Is Your Story?As a brainstorming endeavor, magazine out “your story”. Fast forward to January 2016 and picture the story you’ll tell your ally, your mentor or coach, or your industry peers.

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