SEO Video (8 Tips for Rank Video)

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SEO Video (8 Tips for Rank Video)

SEO Video 8 Tips for Rank Rank Video

It’s no secret that videos are one part of online marketing. At present, videos are one of the most sought-after content, because most people prefer to watch videos than read articles because they are more visually attractive.

Videos also have a higher level of audience involvement than the article, but unfortunately, there are still many people who have not used videos as part of their SEO strategy. This might be because there aren’t many discussions about SEO videos.

SEO video itself is indeed more technical than SEO for other articles or content. But, if you can optimize your SEO upload video, videos can be a strong type of content to increase brand awareness for brands or traffic on your website. Listen to the reviews below.

Tips for Ranking Rank with SEO Video

There are several ways SEO videos can be applied, namely:

Determine the place to upload videos

One of the questions that are often asked is what platform should be used to upload videos. The most widely used choice is YouTube because this site offers free services and certainly appears in Google search results.

YouTube has also been proven to have millions of customers so it will be easier to get many new audiences.

As mentioned above, videos uploaded on YouTube usually get a higher rank on Google compared to videos uploaded on other platforms such as Vimeo or Dailymotion.

This certainly helps videos can be watched by many people but this can also be an obstacle if you upload videos on your website. If you want to use videos to increase website traffic, it should be noted that it is quite difficult to bring people out of YouTube.

Use the Description Box available on YouTube to put a link to your website or place the link at the end of the video so that your audience is interested in visiting your website.

Determine the right keyword for your video

The first step to do is a similar step with SEO tips for blogs, namely research and determining keywords. Keywords are also an important part of SEO Video. Keyword research can help you know the keywords that are popular and are sought after to help you determine the concept or theme of the video. You can also estimate how much traffic will be obtained.

Even so, the method of researching keywords for videos is different from determining the keywords for the Blog Post. There are two reasons why this research method is different. First, if you use YouTube, most people find your videos from the video recommendation.

Not many people will find your videos because they are looking for titles from your videos. The second reason is Google and YouTube has a different way of working. Things that are sought after on Google are usually different from what you are looking for on YouTube.

Therefore, you must be careful in using keywords when uploading videos to the internet. Use the YouTube Suggest feature to find keyword suggestions or inspiration.

Similar to Google Suggest, you only need to type one keyword you want to use in the YouTube search column. The suggestions that appear this are keywords that people often look for on YouTube.

Besides, you can also use tube buddy tags to increase SEO video. This is an extension for Google Chrome. The use of this extension is to see the tags used by others. From tube buddy, you can see which tags are often used and tags that make the video on the first page of YouTube search.

YTCockPit is another Research tool that you can use. This tool is designed specifically for YouTube. How to use it is easy, you only need to open the website, enter a keyword, and YTCockPIT will provide some keyword suggestions and metrics for each keyword displayed.

If your YouTube Channel has received sufficient traffic, you can also use YouTube Analytics Stats to see what keywords are most popular in your channel. You can find the Analytics page on the YouTube Dashboard. Then, select Traffic Sources, and click Youtube Search.

There you can find the most popular keywords from your channel. From the list of keywords, there are two things you can do. One of them, you can optimize existing SEO videos.

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You can add relevant tags and add keywords in your video description. Then you can make a video with the keyword. By doing this, you can ensure that your new video will be more in line with the keyword.

Make interesting videos

Of course, to draw attention, interesting videos are a must. This is a very important SEO video step because interesting videos will make someone watch the video from beginning to end. Also, make sure that the contents of your videos are informative for the audience and following the keywords that you fold.

One important tip, focus on the first 15 seconds. Because YouTube can record whether your videos attract attention after 15 seconds someone opens a video. It also affects your video ranking because they will put videos that can attract attention in 15 seconds in a higher rank.

Don’t be afraid to make a video with a long duration. Most videos that appear on the first page of Youtube search results have a fairly long duration and usually a duration of more than 10 minutes.

Videos with a long duration also make an audience watch your videos longer, which will certainly help your video SEO.

Optimize Videos on YouTube

The first thing you can do to optimize the SEO YouTube video is to enter your keyword in the video title. Make sure the main keywords you use appear in the title. The title is the first part indexed by YouTube and even Google. Entering keywords in the video title will also maximize the click-through rate (CTR).

Apart from the title, also pay attention to the video description. Limit the description of up to a minimum of 200 words, because the sooner the description you gave, will make it easier for YouTube and Google to recognize the contents of your videos.

A deeper understanding of YouTube regarding videos can help videos for appearing in the recommendations or suggested videos related. Youtube video tags have not affected it before but they are still important. Make sure your Kuncim word is included in these tags.

YouTube can detect a few words that are spoken in videos up to around 90% accurate. When youtube reads your target keyword, they can understand that your videos discuss these keywords. Same with SEO techniques in writing, don’t repeat the keywords because they will be read like spam.

As mentioned above, CTR also needs to be maximized. YouTube uses CTR to rank the video. If the user searches a keyword and selects your videos to watch, it will add your CTR. The higher the CTR obtained, the higher the video ranking.

To add CTR, make sure that you have used an interesting and informative title. But don’t use the Click-Bait title or the title that cheats the audience just to add video viewing rates. Apart from the title, thumbnails are also important so you have to make it look interesting.

The last step in maximizing CTR is to write an interesting description. YouTube shows 125 of the first characters of your video description. 125 This character must attract attention so that people want to click on your video.

Channel Authority

Maybe you rarely hear about Channel Authority. In essence, videos uploaded in channels with high authority and strong communities will have higher rankings than videos uploaded in new channels. There are several ways to build a Channel Authority for your YouTube account.

First, build your image channel. Why are your channels different from other YouTube channels? This is the first question that you must consider. The audience will ask why you made the channel and what they can expect from your YouTube channel.

If you have a consistent message and topic on the channel, YouTube users will be more motivated to subscribe or subscribe.

You can also upload headers and logos on Youtube channels that describe your YouTube channel image along with the tagline so that your audience knows the focus on the upload of the video on your YouTube channel.

Page Description can also help the branding stage, especially if you include the keyword target to inform your YouTube channel focus.

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Make playlists can also help increase your authority channel. Make sure that your playlist can help represents your channel. It’s good if you use Long Tail keywords to name this playlist.

One factor that increases Channel Authority is the number of subscribers or your channel customers. You can make a channel trailer to increase the number of subscribers because through the trailer channel, you can immediately introduce your YouTube channel to potential customers.

The duration of the trailer video is usually no more than one minute and during the duration, you must be able to answer the questions below:

  • Who are you?
  • Why do people have to watch your videos?
  • What makes your channel unique?
  • Why do people have to be your YouTube Channel Subscribers?

Another way to increase subscribers is to ask the audience to subscribe at the end of the video. This method is widely used by YouTubers, even famous YouTubers. If someone watches your videos from the beginning to the end there is a possibility that they will subscribe to your channel.

Don’t forget, enter your YouTube channel link on a website that is always reliable and your social media.

Upload high-quality videos

High-quality videos (HD) are videos that have clear images and high quality without broken and blurry.

To make HD video cameras or camcorders because the results of the recording will be much better than the recording from a cellphone unless your mobile phone can produce high-quality images. YouTube prioritizes the satisfaction of the audience so that they are much more like high-quality videos.

Share your video

There are many social media platforms that you can use to promote videos, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You can also offer videos to popular news websites that have millions of visitors every day. This can help you win more visitors.

In addition to social media, you can also use a forum to expand the reach of the audience. Upload your video link on a related and relevant thread.

You can also make your thread to share videos. Don’t do spam when sharing your videos in the forum.

If this happens, your account and video can be marked as spam. You should be patient and wait until the results of the backlink make the channel customer numbers and your video display increase.

In addition to social media and forums, you can also use emails. Inform your subscribers that you have uploaded a new video so that the users will get premium content from you, and your videos can get the number of views through the e-mail receiver.

You can also embed or put your videos on a blog or website. Content integration with videos by embed can help you get a backlink. The best way for YouTubers to promote their videos is to put a link to another video at the end of their video.

Same as subscribers, people who watch your videos from beginning to end will be more likely to watch other videos that you recommend.

Optimize To increase the rank on Google

Google searches for keywords to find video results. Therefore, you might have to focus on looking for the right keywords for Google because this is somewhat different from YouTube. You can do it by using Google Suggest to see keywords that usually get high rankings on Google for videos.

If you want your YouTube video to get a high ranking, besides optimizing the video and making interesting videos, all return to the backlinks you get. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher the video ranking on the Google search results page.

Thus some SEO video tips can be done. Hope it helps!

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