SEO Tips: Google SERP Snippet to Increase Website Traffic

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SEO Tips: Google SERP Snippet to Increase Website Traffic

SEO Tips Google SERP Snippet to Increase Website Traffic

What is Google SERP SNP / FEATURED SNIPPET? Featured Snippet is a summary view of the answers in the footage column at the top of the Google search results page (SERP). The column of this footage contains answers summarized from the web page, link to page, page title, and URL.

Ever seen it when you search for a definition of something on Google? This is what is called a featured snippet. Sometimes in the box or its column can also be displayed, the Bullet Lists or simple tables.

When you type a kind of question “What is SSL?” For example, one snippet will appear at the very part of your search results page that displays a quick answer. Then you or other users of users are more interested in clicking and visiting the website displayed there.

It has been three years since Google SERP SNIPPET was released and there were still many digital marketing people who underestimated it. Maybe, you are also one of them.

If you are still not sure that this featured snippet can open a significant organic traffic opportunity, through this article we will try to change your mind.

A short history of Featured Snippet from Google

Featured Snippet is made because of the existence of problems originating from the beginning of the period of search on the internet. Pre-Google (Google at first), and many other search engines including Yahoo are still curated by the results of the human directory.

When the creation of content has multiple doubles, humans are no longer able to follow and correspond. Besides, it must be needed the best curation, which is approaching real-time or actual. These are the beginning of the use of algorithmic techniques and curations by machines.

When Google released Knowledge Graph, the data is fully based on results grouped or curated by humans, such as Freebase and Wikidata. You can see that the data is in the traditional “Knowledge Cards”, which is usually referred to as “Answer Boxes”.

So, the answer we can is short or short and factual, there is no correspondence link there. That result comes directly from the curry knowledge graph. If you search “google”, it will be easier to see it in the Knowledge Panel on the page.

Previously, you could see the results of the entry for “CEO: Sundar Pichai”. This is not just a mediocre text box. These results are referred to as factoids. Each such line item is all the factoids that exist separately as a structured data unity in the Knowledge Graph. You can test it by running a search opposite with other factoids, for example, “When is Google established?”.

Even though Google does a good job to match so many forms of questions with the results of answers in Knowledge Graph, they cannot escape the limitations that can only be overcome by human abilities. This is certainly due to the limitations of the engine curation. So, there are questions that are less following the simple “factoid” model of a kind of example we give before.

The solution from Google is simple, if the question is too difficult then millions or billions of pages in the index will be sorted to produce answers quickly. So, the results of the answer are in the form of pages that contain the words on the question themselves. This process is referred to as an on-page copy. As a result, often the results are not right.

The result is often not connected with the questions you entered into the search column. But this is what Google can do. Even so, it is not as simple as that the indexing process is done also see the relevance of the page and others.

Besides the featured snippet that we have shown above, there are also tabular data. Tabular data is usually in the form of a table that appears in the snippet. This is not a structured data a kind of knowledge graph, only the HTML text is plain.

What connection is the featured snippet with SEO?

SEO tips are sought everywhere. Who doesn’t want to optimize the website to the maximum for a sorting machine like Google? If you succeed, you can improve your traffic website. Then what about Featured Snippet? What does it do it?

Results Summary The answers that appear in the column or the box are at the top of the search results page.

Internet users certainly don’t want to get a bother to search for their own most complete page if Google has recommended it. Then the opportunity page on your website to visit certainly is large. If visitors or web visitors increase, you mean your web traffic increases, and here is the SEO running smoothly.

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Next, we will describe more complete:

  • Through Featured Snippet, Google gives Rank # 0

The interesting thing about the process is, with this featured snippet will be at the beginning before the traditional or ordinary organic search results. Well, this is what we call ranking position # 0. So the one ranking can beat the first ranking in the Google search results.

Moreover, the Page that is Rank # 1 on Google is not technically at the top (after Rank # 0) because after Rank # 0 itself is a “related question” that is a question that the usual question is also searched for your question, under the column snippet.

  • Google opens opportunities for increased CTR

When Featured Snippet was launched, SEO experts had been worried about what if by summarizing and displaying answers in the column, CTR to their site as a badly affected source.

Why? Because they consider the technique of extracting or summarizing from Google it has not been properly mapped.

Then what if the content is good or quality but doesn’t appear on the snippet? It turned out that after being studied further in a case study published by Search Engine Land in August 2015, Featured Snippet did not “hurt” or hurt CTR but instead improved it.

How to make your page content as a featured snippet

There are many ways you can make content on the page on your website curated by the Google search engine and used as Featured Snippet. Next, we discuss every way so you can immediately fix it to get the opportunity for Featured Snippet:

  • Create content structures that are preferred by search engines

This is indeed not the only change that you must do in the way of presenting your content, but it is important to pass the initial stages of Google’s sorting. So, you need to summarize some of the content that allows and presents it systematically.

How is the format? The general format for snippets is placed at the top, then diving deeper in line with the development of content. Journalists or journalists from the media sometimes call this format a “reverse pyramid” structure. Actually in a general format like this is useful for readers as well, especially internet readers who tend to do scheming or fast reading thoroughly and at once.

That way, Featured Snippet will be easier to make because the keyword approach is slightly different from the post on most Page. Because the format is suitable to be used as answers to many appear in the search column.

Try to Use 5W terms – 1h (WHO, What, When, WHERE, WHY, AND HOW). In Indonesian means who, what, when, where, why, and how. Knowledge Graph likes content like this because it’s easy to eat.

  • You need to find a good keyword for Featured Snippet

If you’ve read our previous article about Keyword Research, then now you have a better line and a better understanding of the keywords that are preferred by a search engine like Google. Then we now live expanding the opportunity.

Keep doing keyword research or keyword research that is right for your content. When you do the research, there are many things you need to remember, one of which is a high-volume keyword getting a bigger featured snippet opportunity.

How do you know what keywords are a big search verolmate? There are several good online tools, please read our article entitled Complete Guide Keyword Research Mued Previous.

Then, the query is longer, consisting of six or some words also greater their tendencies to be used as snippets. Because the purpose of this featured snippet is to answer questions, the keywords in the form of explicit questions as we have discussed before 5W -1h certainly have a great opportunity to be snippet.

But don’t ignore the implied questions with words like “fees”, “ways” and verbs such as “being”, “do”, “get”, “make”, “form” or “cooking”. Implied questions also include searches based on other specific requirements, try finding out more about it in other references.

  • Make sure every page on your site has the title specified in the <title> tag

If you have a large site and worry about forgetting to give a title in a section, the HTML advice page in the Search Console records the <title> tag that does not exist or has the potential to cause problems on the site.

  • Make sure the page on your site can be crawl by a search engine bot
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When you use the robots.txt protocol on your site, Google stops crawl on the page (but the protocol might not always prevent your page indexed). For example, Google might index your page if the page is found after following the link or link directed from other people’s sites.

To display it in the search results, Google needs to display the title or the like. It can be the cause of Google can’t access every content of your page, Google will only rely on content outside pages such as links from other sites.

  • Include the facts that are marked in the description you make

The meta description does not have to be in a format in the form of a sentence; Structured data about the page can also be very appropriate to be included in the meta description. For example, author’s information, publication date, or subtitles listed on general news or your blog entries.

This can provide very relevant information, which allows your content to be displayed as Featured Snippet. Besides, the product page should also provide key information as follows: Prices, age, the manufacturer (descriptions like this spread throughout your e-commerce website page). A good meta description can cover all these data.

  • Make questions sentences directly on your content

Try to slip a sentence that contains a question mark why and how, the most opportunities are the most commonly featured snippet. Why? The problem is that the words contain an answer that is rather difficult to answer unlike a simple factoid in general, but it can still be used as a featured snippet.

Besides, with two words you also become easier to develop content to meet the quality of Google’s preferred content which is at least 1500 words. Questions often need more in-depth answers.

What is the Importance of Featured Snippet for Google?

If you want to know where the development of Google SERP SNP SNIPPET / FEATURED SNIPPET leads in the future, you need to ask a simpler question, “What is lucky Google makes this feature?”

It’s easy to wear and assume like thinking about conspiracy theories. This is because it is not clear why Google takes our content and provides a direct answer in the form of a summary to the user. Is it true that Google is done for the needs of internet users? But what’s the lucky for Google itself? Besides, Google also has not monetized this box.

Google did it to hold a little longer internet users on the search results page. Imagine, so far Google is indeed often only used as an “intermediary” where the user immediately switches to the page intended by Google in SERP.

Another reason is however, Google must adjust to the world of changing devices. The developing device now requires a concise answer and is not following traditional SERP or usually.

So, this might not mean a lot of profits for Google because it’s about the survival of the disaster engine. In essence, new devices will demand new formats and Google must adjust.

How to Prevent Snippet Making on Your Page

Indeed, if it is calculated the manufacture of snippets for profitable websites. But if you don’t want Google to do that against your website, there is a way. I don’t know whatever it is the reason, we will give you if you want it.

Use the <Meta Name = “Nosnippets” tag> to prevent the Google search engine displays your page snippet in the search results.


Through this article, we have provided SEO Tips that you can certainly use to maximize your website for a sorting machine like Google. The SEO Tips that we share this time are about Featured snippets from Google.

There are many ways you can make your page appear as a featured snippet, we have discussed it one by one for you. If you succeed in achieving Google’s trust in your website, Google can raise your website Rank on the search results page. Then, your website visitors can also increase along with the number of CTR produced.

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