SEO Optimization Tips on Mobile that You Need to Know

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SEO Optimization Tips on Mobile that You Need to Know

SEO Optimization Tips on Mobile that You Need to Know

As technology develops, there are fairly basic changes in the world of blogs. Recently, Google has provided new regulations to make the website more mobile friendly. This regulation will make the website more effective on the Mobile Search Engine or keyword search on Google using a smartphone or mobile phone device. If a website turns out to be not mobile friendly, it will have quite a negative impact on the visibility of blogs on the Mobile Search Engine.

Get to know what Mobile SEO is

Basically, Mobile SEO is a process for designing a website to have the same appearance, even though it is accessed with a different device screen size and has a relatively smaller bandwidth. There are several characteristics of Mobile SEO that need to be known. Some of the characteristics of Mobile SEO are as follows:

  • Website with Mobile SEO has a responsive design, which is able to run smoothly on several different screen sizes
  • The content and contents of the website can be read without having to do the zooming process. In addition, the website has a font type and font color that matches what is on the desktop
  • Usually has a navigation button. This navigation button will make it easier for visitors’ fingers to be able to access a variety of content
  • Websites with Mobile SEO are usually lighter and have relatively light bandwidth
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Make a Website that is Mobile SEO

The next question that often arises is how to make a mobile SEO website? Of course, this is quite important to know so that you can get more leverage in processing the website. The steps that can be taken are as follows:

Determine Mobile SEO Configuration

The very first step that can be taken to create a Mobile SEO website is to determine the Mobile SEO configuration. Please note that there are 3 main configurations in an effort to build the Mobile SEO website. Some of these configurations are as follows:

  • Responsive Design

Google strongly recommends using a responsive design configuration. This is an important thing to understand well. Please note that responsive design is quite easy to implement, it can also adjust the display based on the screen size of the mobile device

  • Dynamic Serving

Dynamic Serving is a type of car configuration. This configuration will make the website URL unchanged, but will present different HTML content if accessed from a smartphone or mobile device.

Although this point is important enough to support a website, the biggest disadvantage of Dynamic Serving is that there is an additional process of content before being accessed which can cause a slower server.

  • Separate URLs

Separation of the URL into another solution for creating websites that are SEO Mobile. However, this step is not recommended if you have a large website. This is because separating URLs will require double the space and effort. In addition, if you want to get more benefits from SEO, then this step should be avoided.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Another step that must be taken to make the website more Mobile SEO is to avoid some common mistakes that often occur. There are some common mistakes which are quite annoying which should be avoided totally. Some of the common mistakes are as follows:

  • Heavy Mobile Pages

Keep in mind that mobile internet sometimes has a slower speed than cable internet. Therefore, it is very important for you to pay attention to the load time, where you use it on the mobile website pages.

Load time that is too long will affect the satisfaction of your website visitors. Therefore, try to always check your page speed.

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  • Mobile Redirects

At this point, if you control several URLs at once, then it’s best to make sure that all the links you have will lead to relevant pages. This is important because in addition to maximizing page speed, it will also increase visitor satisfaction when visiting the website that you manage.

  • Avoid Large Image Files

Images will indeed make the content on the website look more attractive. However, in this case, in relation to Mobile SEO, you should avoid using large image files.

Yes, this is quite important because a large image file will make page speed and load time longer. Therefore, it helps you compress the image to reduce the size or size of the image

Some of the steps above are the initial steps to create a website that is more Mobile SEO. Of course, there are still a number of techniques you can do to maximize your needs. Do a few steps above well so that the website that you manage is not only more Mobile SEO, but also can bring more visitors to higher blog traffic.