“Senator, We Sell Ads”: Mark Zuckerberg Faces Congress Blue Fountain Media

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Following two grueling days of testimony wherein members of Congress posed some rather serious questions regarding user privacy and data, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has his work cut out for him. Having survived the grilling proffered by politicians who seemed not to understand how the world’s largest social network or the Internet works, Zuckerberg met every challenge, referring at times, awkwardly to a notebook filled with points to be made, as well as details on the privacy and data updates Facebook released in the weeks leading up to the hearings. Broadcast and streamed for all to see, the inquiries addressed many of the questions brands and marketers were likely to have, from GDPR implications to the steps Facebook intends to take to rebuild public trust. With regard to the former, we learned that the implementation of GDPR compliance or more specifically, the offering of privacy controls and requests for “affirmative consent” for certain data will no longer be limited to Europe and will affect Facebook users around the world.

To address affirmative consent, Facebook is planning to publish a new feature that offers users a tour through their settings, allowing them to update as they go. While these may vary by region with European users likely to receive a more comprehensive walkthrough, we should expect to see this function at the top of our News Feeds soon.

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