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We have 1 more Keynote Speaker spot last and we are looking to hear who STM wants!anyone who’s not in the list belowUser Comment:Previous list curated by STMGary VaynerchukScott Stratten UnmarketingNeil Patel crazyegg, kiss metricsTim FerrissRobert Greene Peter Thiel Anthony robbins Dan KennedyJay AbrahamGary BencivengaGreg Renker Guy behind Tony Robbins’ Personal PowerKen McCarthyPerry MarshallJoe SugarmanFred CatonaMark CubanJack MaFrank KernEben Pagan Bill Gross – Idea LabPaul Graham – Ycombinator founderBen Horrowitz or Marc Adreesen from Andreesen HorrowitzEric Lefkovsky – Groupon FounderMJ DemarcoUser Comment:Daniel KahnemanNassim TalebDaniel PinkRyan HolidayMalcolm GladwellCharles DuhiggRichard ThalerSeth GodinRamit SethiRobert CialdiniUser Comment:I want to speak on SEO. My credentials: scrapebox. htmlUser Comment:Mark Cuban!?is in the list?Always love his ardour!User Comment:I would like to have a speaker who represents Facebook. User Comment:Having Peter Thiel, Marc Cuban or the Andreessen/Horowitz duo to be the keynote speaker would be wonderful!User Comment: Gladly recognize any help!User Comment:RON on trafficvance is not possible and truthfully said completely stupid. you could target any domain and key phrase of the area and you would loose hundreds of greenbacks in seconds.

just put as an example facebook. com or amazon. com as a key phrase and you have got site visitors like hell and could loose your ass fast with PPV traffic which you can target any keyword and domain. User Comment:Yes, that may work. But doubtless just for tech assist haha. Everything else, you better use some goals.

User Comment:Trafficvance has hundreds of thousands of installs even in US. You would need a whole bunch papers. User Comment: Hope it helps for your situationUser Comment:Thanks I’ll try that next time, I got frustrated and deleted the crusade LOL. Now I want to look ahead to approval again. User Comment:I have this same problem and I’ve tried the things adsflo said but still not getting any impressions. I guess I need to watch for next week.

User Comment:It’s unpredictable. You follow what adsflo said, maybe it works, maybe not. even though, if that you can be able to get your crusade operating. traffic is pretty stable. User Comment:diltsi, yes.

It’s really unpredictable, sometime it takes me numerous tries before it gets started. But… I gotta say it always worked for me though, just that it takes up a hell lotta time. Wish it may be fixed but meh. I paid $10 for an account with Overplay for his or her VPN DNS so I could browse from other countries on my mac/iphone. I then began facing my offers as a user.

HOLY SHIT!These offer owners are creating a killing. The pixel didn’t fire until once I spent 10 minutes facing a “survey” of being pushed about 30 more offers. And throughout the process, they had lots of ads that came up that took me off site. Once offsite, you have no chance of changing because I couldn’t reach the end of the funnel. And this was a suggested top offer in the network.

I realized I was fighting a crazy uphill battle with this offer. For instance: I dependent a reference to a server in the US via Overplay, then I checked my IP on a whole lot of sites and some of them would show the IPv6 edition of my real IP in its place of the VPN IP. After I completely deactivated the IPv6 protoco, the georedirects while checking offers stopped in addition. User Comment:I sent a large number of traffic to a auto insurance quotes and after 3 days and wasting a lot of money on FB I faced no conversion and eventually my friend was looking for coverage and I recommended him to use this link and he fill out the form but I saw no conversion. I tested it on my own and no conversion. Imagine this 1.

Paying for Voluum 2. Paying for WRW 3. Paying for LP 4. Angle 5. Test 6.

User Comment: MeatheadUser Comment:hi meathead , i am also a newbie , got into clickdealer so far and they are very pleasant ,there’s also a post somewhere here about pleasant networks for newbies i imply you check it out , hope that helps , better of luckUser Comment:Its not that difficult in fact Networks will ask you a few questions with a view to weed out people who have completely no clue about what they are getting into. Every new associate will require some guidance from a manager and clearly folks that are absolutely new, would require more time and bring in less enterprise. So its in each networks interest, to seek for the more matured people.