SEM 101: The Importance of Search Engine Marketing

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SEM 101 The Importance of Search Engine Marketing

SEM 101: The Importance of Search Engine Marketing

SEM 101 The Importance of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is often mentioned as the best marketing method to produce abundant web traffic. If you run the strategy correctly, you can get a strong position on all search engines in the world, especially on Google. Abundant Web Traffic will produce more potential transactions and new customers.

But what is SEM? What’s the difference with SEO and how do its implications for the development of your business? Let’s see more!

Understanding Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is marketing on the internet. SEM stands for the term Search Engine Marketing. The way that is done in marketing is in the form of activities to promote websites by increasing their visibility in the search engine.

So, there are many marketing strategies in the digital era, one of which is SEM. If you’ve read the article “SEM and SEO Difference”, you will better understand how the distribution of the category and how all the techniques must be carried out together to have a positive impact on your business.

But, this time we will detail more discussion about the importance of SEM.

SEM Benefits for Business Success

Here are some advantages that you can achieve if you apply SEM strategies!

SEM can increase conversion

Simple conversion means how your efforts capture audiences can produce transactions or other profitable things. Money is indeed a clear goal you want to get from your marketing campaign, but you should not ignore other types of conversion.

You can break your target into some things that are no less valuable such as new customers, new subscribers, or also participants from the contest/competition that you hold in the campaign. It’s all an alternative conversion that is also important.

The SEM itself is a good conversion drive for all types of campaigns you want to run. Why is that? That’s because the paid ad is usually linked to the landing page with the aim of the conversion that is a kind of ticket sales.

That way, there is a process ranging from Paid Ads (ADS) to internet users click and arrive at a website page that provides transaction facilities. So, you can also realize that the ADS installed is usually more suitable for the final conversion.

SEM can increase brand awareness

Although this SEM is often regarded as the lowest part of marketing channels, the SEM is effective for increasing brand awareness from your business. Google once supported the statement. Google states that ads on search/search engines can increase brand awareness even up to 80%.

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Even though the ads that appear on the search page cannot be clicked, your brand can still be seen clearly and can be realized by internet users. People who are looking for certain keywords related to products and services, for example. They certainly still cannot avoid the appearance of advertisements.

If they type the name of your business competitor’s brand, the search engine can still find out well and decide to display your brand as an ad. People must also see it and are interested in trying to review your brand’s profile.

SEM can be done with a limited budget

You might hesitate to make ADS because it collides with the problem of costs. Companies both small and large may still not realize that the cost of the implementation of the SEM is not as big as its benefits.

If you think about this ad one is flexible when compared to paid advertisements for traditional types of billboards and advertising in cinema shows for example. There are no minimum quantities of how many ads must be carried out. With at least around 60 thousand you can reach potential profits a lot at once.

But keep in mind, this can only happen if you manage all your ads, run them correctly.

So, the internet brings a fair and open opportunity for all people of both small to large scale. All can get the same potential profit.

SEM can target more local targets

SEM is a very important tool to encourage more visits of people to your website. Not only that, as we present before, of course, you can get more conversions even though the budget is limited.

Well, if you read the article we have created earlier about the habit of searching machine users, you will understand the importance of local targeting so that it can produce web traffic and effective conversion.

For example, when people typed the keyword “nearest car wash play”, the results will also be raised in the form of several websites or directly to the car wash around the user’s location. Then, how do you make your marketing more local and effective?

SEM can produce traffic consistently and on target

Again, every business will want a lot of web traffic, not just a lot but also that is consistent to maintain visibility and sales. Not only that, but the purpose of this traffic consistency is also so you can plan, estimate, and budget your campaign.

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Unfortunately, the surge and a decrease in traffic happen, and sometimes it is indeed less able to explain why it can happen.

Well, to reduce some such annoying chaos, advertisements on search engines can be used to create consistent traffic specifically for certain keywords. Even this ADS can also help you control the amount of traffic that comes to your website at a certain time.

Google once stated that ADS or SEM could be more stable than other similar digital marketing techniques. Seo certainly fluctuates because changes in algorithms are constantly carried out by giant search engines like Google. With ADS install, we can avoid such fluctuations/uncertainties.

But yes clear, this is not just a matter of producing abundant traffic. One of the biggest benefits of search advertising/ads is its ability to bring traffic right target.

You really can’t always control who saw the results of your organic search. But with the SEM, you can make a special audience that is far more likely to potentially see and be directly involved with the ad you have installed.

PPC search ads are also able to target certain demographics and visitors in any part of the sales funnel. This means that the traffic you receive from paid ads is more able to qualify compared to the traffic produced from organic SEO.

That’s SEM implications for your business. SEM analysis is also no less important besides its application. Now there are a lot of good tools and you can try to help your digital marketing strategy, one of which is Semrush.


By reading this article, you can understand what SEM is and what is the importance of SEM for the development of your business. For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.