Selling in Marketplace? Here are 11 best tips for selling in the Marketplace

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Selling in Marketplace? Here are 11 best tips for selling in the Marketplace

Selling in Marketplace Here are 11 best tips for selling in the Marketplace

Technological developments, especially in the digital world, are increasingly easier for human work. One of them is in terms of business. Many people who used to do business through social media are now starting to sell selling in the marketplace. Selling in this marketplace is considered safer and more comfortable.

Moreover, the goods available in Marketplace are very diverse. So consumers are more comfortable to buy the desired product through the Marketplace.

For those who are running an online business, then interested in doing business expansion Try to sell in Marketplace. Take it easy for successful doing business through the marketplace following tips that need to be done:

11 Tips for Selling in Marketplace

1. Choose a well-known and reliable marketplace

The main tips if you want to successfully sell in Marketplace is that you should choose the most trusted marketplace. Try to choose a marketplace that has been known to many people. Frequently seen advertisements in electronic media, as well as online media.

If you have known many people, buyers will be easier to decide to buy in the marketplace. This is because the marketplace already has many customers before.

Thus the online store made will be easier to find by buyers. In terms of buyers, of course, also feel more comfortable buying in the marketplace.

2. Create an online store in several marketplaces

The trusted marketplace may be more than one. This can be used for weapons. Try to create an online store on each marketplace. So it doesn’t just focus on one marketplace. This is a step to capture more buyers.

For example, one estimated marketplace is able to provide a 10% profit. So Sumpama makes an online store at 4 Marketplace, meaning that it can profit to 40%. Don’t forget, keep monitoring all online stores made in each marketplace. It shouldn’t be just one that is focused.

3. Sell at promo prices

Furthermore, try to sell products at a promo price, not a low price. Although selling at low prices is much cheaper than competitors and the position of the original item has not guaranteed many interested consumers. This is because they could have doubts about the quality of the products sold.

Therefore, the word “promo” is the most appropriate to attract buyers, without leaving the impression of doubt. But remember, many other competitors in the marketplace are certainly selling similar products. So smart enough to make a variety of promos to attract many consumers.

4. Give a friendly response to consumers

Not only product quality, provide plenary service. Try to always respond happily all questions and complaints of consumers. A good response and friendly service will make consumers feel comfortable and safe to shop at online stores made.

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Always be professional, although it is not uncommon for some consumers who gave bad comments. Just respond with a cold and homely head.

5. Create a product description clearly

It is not impossible that the products sold in online stores through the marketplace will be the same as other sellers. To work around it, it can be done by making a unique product description. Try to make a clear, informative and complete product description.

Description must provide details about the products sold. This is useful so that the buyer can find out at least a rough picture of the product. Before they decided to buy it.

6. Recognize consumer needs

Tips If you want to successfully sell in the next marketplace is try to recognize consumer needs. Consumer needs must be different from each other. For example for mobile products.

For young people it might be looking for a smartphone with many features. As for parents only looking for a simple cellphone that can call and send a message.

How to know the need for consumers must certainly set the target market first. Thus it will be easier to determine the product specifications to be sold. If this is done, the product will certainly sell quickly sold.


7. Sell quality products

Quality products are often valuable more expensive. Consumers will definitely think about buying expensive products. Even so, think about it too if the quality product has a high economic value, so it’s quite durable to be used for years.

So just make sure to consumers if you buy quality products are even more profitable.

If given an understanding, surely they will prefer quality goods. Instead of selling goods with low quality, it will actually worsen the image of an online store in the eyes of consumers.

8. Add real product photos

Selling in Marketplace, meaning that consumers will not be able to see goods directly. But they can still imagine by looking at product visualization through images or photos. Therefore do not forget to add photos other than product descriptions.

The photo added must also be a real one. Because if the product reaches the consumer’s hand it turns out it is not the same as the image they will be disappointed. This will make the level of consumer confidence in online stores it can decline.

9. Providing adequate facilities

The facilities in question here include the ease of payment transactions, returns, and product delivery. If you want an online store in Marketplace, it is still in demand by consumers of their facilitation with all the convenience. Thus consumers will be easier to get the product they want.

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In addition, try to build good communication with consumers. Not only about giving responses with polite language. But also the speed of response so they feel not ignored.

10. Increase the products sold

The last is to try to multiply the products sold. The more variants of products sold, of course the display of online stores will be more attractive. This is because consumers will have many choices of products they want to look for.

For example selling fashion products, namely shirts. We recommend that you look for the model up to date, and try to provide many color choices. This will make consumers feel more satisfied.

11. Do the right bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is one of the keys to your business success, including those of you who sell products through the Marketplace. For some bookkeeping companies it is important in business problems. Not only that, bookkeeping also plays a role in recording financial related business activities, including incoming transactions, exit transactions and profit or loss.

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