Self-efficacy is: understanding, characteristics, and how to apply self-efficacy

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Self-efficacy is: understanding, characteristics, and how to apply self-efficacy

Self efficacy is understanding characteristics and how to apply self efficacy

Basically, self-efficacy is our belief in your own ability to be able to play an important role in our way to think, act and our feelings are related to our place in the world. In addition, self-efficacy will also determine what goals we want to choose to be pursued, and how to achieve this goal.

Trust is a belief in an individual displayed on what is expressed or done. Trust can explain how an individual in terms of assessing and also evaluating an event is then conveyed through his actions.

Based on experts, self-efficacy is


Bandura explained that self-efficacy was able to get closer to the belief of an individual in his ability to be able to succeed in doing something.


Santrock explains that self-efficacy is an individual belief in its ability to master the situation and also produce an advantage.


Niu explained that self-efficacy was the result of the interaction between the external environment, self-adjustment mechanism, as well as personal, education, and experience.


Stiptek explained that self-efficacy was a person’s trust in his own skills and abilities.

Based on the four definitions above, we can conclude together that self-efficacy is a form of trust or beliefs related to its own ability to regulate, do something to achieve a goal, produce something, and also implement actions in order to achieve a form of certain skills.

These self-efficacy will affect the level of work productivity, stress levels and mental health of labor in the many demands they have to fulfill. The lower the level of self-efficacy in someone, the higher the pressure will be felt.

This is what will affect the performance of an employee, because too many pressures that can lead to labor becomes more susceptible to disease, experience sleep disorders, etc.

Self-efficacy in a group will affect the mission and objectives of the group, because the power of commitment from members will greatly affect the performance level of a company.

Self-EfficaMaturu A person’s confidence in his ability to carry out certain tasks, has been correlated on workplace performance, fatigue levels, stress experience and also adjustments to each role.

Because of its role which has a very impact on employee performance, a manager must be able to improve self-efficacy at work.

Personal characteristics that have self-efficacy

There are levels in self-efficacy in someone. Some have it with a high level level, but some have it with a low level level.

Even so, if you are sure to have self-efficacy because it always has a high level of self-confidence, it is better if accompanied by rationality so that it can remain balanced.

In addition, try to keep paying attention to some individual signs that have a balanced self-efficacy properties below.

  • Has a strong commitment related to interest and activities carried out
  • Quickly back and get up from disappointment and also desperate.
  • Able to develop interest in order to participate in activities that at that time were being followed.
  • Looks at the challenge as a thing that must be mastered.
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On the other hand, the characteristics of the person who have low self-efficacy are as follows:

  • Too focused on the results whose value is negative and also thinking of failure always
  • Quickly lose confidence
  • If you meet a difficult task, then they feel it is beyond his ability
  • Many avoid certain challenges.

Based on the characteristics above, we can conclude that the value of self-efficacy will affect the level of work productivity.

How to improve self-efficacy at work

In order to be able to foster more positive self-efficacy to support you to be more productive, there are several steps you can do, namely:

1. Observe others

The first way to increase self-efficacy is by observing someone who has succeeded in completing tasks in a way that has been done. When you see someone successful and have also been appreciated with performance, then you can make them as inspiration and also a model that can help you have confidence in order to do the same.

2. Have creative friends

Having creative friends is one way that can be used to increase self-efficacy your ability will be able to continue honest because it is familiar with them.

3. Find a mentor

In the scope of a career, the existence of mentors in this workplace is very important. They will be able to help you provide advice for career development when you are having trouble.

4. Write success

Writing the success you have done every day can be able to help you improve self-efficacy. Why? Because so you can more believe that your actual ability is not too bad. You can see these developments every day, and it is very good.

5. Avoid unusual full pressure situations

Unusual bad conditions will greatly affect your performance. For that, if you know someone or the place will drop you, then it’s good for you to avoid and avoid them.

6. Develop expertise

The last way you can do to improve self-efficacy is to develop the skills needed to work more effectively.

If you experience a difficulty in work, then you can begin to identify these shortcomings, then you can determine what you can learn or develop from the small gap.

In addition, you can also ask for advice from others to improve the skills.

Effect of self-efficacy and employee performance

An expert psychologist from Stanford University named Alfred Bandura explained that self-efficacy would be able to influence learning and also the performance at work in five ways, namely:

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1. The purpose of the employee selected

Self-efficacy will affect employee selection, the level of purpose challenges, and also their level of commitment to the goals he has chosen. Employees with high levels of self-efficacy will tend to choose more challenging goals for themselves or vice versa.

2. Learning and efforts made by employees

Employees, both when they learn, do the task, and also deploying efforts to consistently use their own confidence. Employees who have high levels of self-efficacy will work harder in learning related to carrying out various new tasks, because they are sure of the success.

3. Persistence in carrying out new and difficult tasks

Self-efficacy affects how long employees will survive when involved with new tasks that are more challenging and difficult. High self-efficacy employees will last longer in the face of new tasks that are more difficult because they feel more confident and will learn and succeed in carrying out the task.

4. The attitude of the employee in dealing with a bad situation

Efficacy will affect how employees respond to failure. Employees who have high levels of self-efficacy will recover faster than the failure they face.

5. The level of anxiety and stress when working on assignments

Self-efficacy will affect the level of stressful physiological experience. Employees who have a high level of self-efficacy will rarely experience physiological stress reactions when facing a task. They will tend to determine challenging goals and commit to this goal.

A full effort of belief will be able to produce personal achievements, reduce stress, anxiety, and also reduce vulnerability related to depression. Later it will also have a very impact on the performance of employees in carrying out their duties and the extent to which they survive in the face of the challenge.


Thus the full explanation of us about self-efficacy. So, we can conclude that self-efficacy is a form of trust or beliefs related to its own ability to regulate, do something to achieve a goal, produce something, and also implement actions in order to achieve a certain form of skills.

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