Secrets of Successful Native Ads Network (Native Ads) From Froggy Ads

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Secrets of Successful Native Ads Network (Native Ads) From Froggy Ads

Secrets of Successful Native Ads Network (Native Ads) From Froggy Ads

At present monetization of internet traffic is increasing and there is a big momentum for publishers and advertisers, but publishers and advertisers are having difficulty in anticipating the effectiveness of advertising in the form of banners because over time, internet users are increasingly less and maybe not even pay attention to standard banner ads (because that is too common).

This can have an impact on the effectiveness of banner type ads that decrease dramatically and make advertisers and publishers feel less profitable when running their product advertising campaigns with this type of advertising.

Nowadays many think that this type of Native Ads (Native Ads) is a kind of new system in digital marketing, but actually these native ads have been around for a long time and are just booming and becoming crowded again.

In 2017 this kind of advertising literally shows a very significant increase and is already being used in various countries, but despite that the opportunities in this market are still very wide open. According to data presented by Statista, in 2016 in the United States alone spending on Native Ads type ads exceeded 5 million dollars. Although it is difficult to collect data in full about native ads, this assessment is enough to imagine that native ads have become a general trend in digital marketing. One of the well-known native ads advertising networks is Froggy Ads.

Here are some ad formats available in Froggy Ads

The secret to successfully running Froggy Ads is knowing advertising statistics. Recent reports show that native ads on widgets work better and get 60% more attention compared to ads with standard banner formats. This of course leads to a CTR that is twice as high and results in a higher level of sales with native ads. The average advertiser’s profit is about six times higher than installing a standard banner. And of course that is good news for publishers too, because their income will automatically grow at the same time.

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This ad format is most popular among bloggers, news sites, online magazines and other websites. Native ads are designed to look like part of website content so they don’t look like advertisements in the eyes of visitors and look like they are placed in positions that look more fitting. To get the best results, it is advisable to place an ad like this after the article or as a recommended article (related post). This will get the attention of the reader who is focused on the content of the website and the original ad that looks like part of your content, and the ad will also not disturb the reader as it happens to a standard banner.

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Froggy Ads Native Advertising Network has been marketed since 2017 and has been running for quite a while now. During this time the Froggy Ads team has placed their ads on thousands of websites throughout the world, they have established strong business relationships with many networks and media agents, and managed to sculpt their systems to be as efficient as they have. And Froggy Ads has also experienced growth over time. Whoever you are, both the publisher and the advertiser, can also meet with all of them at various conferences and summits dedicated to digital marketing. The experts at Froggy Ads are fun people and professional people, who are always ready to exchange contacts and discuss business perspectives to get ahead.

One thing that makes Froggy Ads stand out is their widget creation tool that really gives freedom to users who want to design ads to appear very compatible with any website in a very easy way. This widget can be placed anywhere on a website, but for those of you who want to get the maximum profit, it is best to put the widget in the bottom of the article.

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In addition to widgets, Froggy Ads also has standard banner type ads, but it is still a good trial way to monetize traffic and generate prospects for certain types of campaigns.

Talking about Available GEO – Froggy Ads includes everything. Thanks to hard work and established contacts, this network attracts publishers and advertisers from around the world.

The secret of the success of native ad networks or Native Ads on Froggy Ads is knowing some of the leading categories that are often advertisers on MediaVenus, including the following:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Dating Age 21+
  • Job Search
  • Android App Installs
  • Online Game
  • Weight Loss
  • Online Casino
  • Finance
  • Online Shopping

In addition to the above categories there are many other successful campaigns that are not included in the list above, so any category is very likely to run on native ads Froggy Ads.

From the information I have explained above that means Froggy Ads places more emphasis on traffic quality, because they have a professional moderating team that studies the statistics of each website and its traffic sources and continues to oversee new ads and campaigns. With this approach bot traffic might not be used in Froggy Ads. One more feature that Froggy Ads has is 24/7 multilingual support that is ready to answer every ticket in a flash, in addition, every advertiser and publisher is given a personal manager, so there’s no need to worry about dealing with a new system that you might encounter.