Secrets of Success Increasing CPC and CTR

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Secrets of Success Increasing CPC and CTR

Secrets of Success Increasing CPC and CTR

The Secret to Success in Increasing CPC and CTR to Increase Ads Earnings – CPC or Cost Per Click – if translated into Indonesian is Cost Per Click (CPC) – is the amount of commission given by Ad network

every time a visitor clicks on an ad.

Whereas CTR (CTR or Click-through Rate), is a percentage of how many clicks you get compared to the number of Page Views.

These two things are the key to increase revenue because many Ads income (Estimated Earnings) is obtained from CPC multiplied by the number of clicks.

That is, the higher the CPC and CTR, the greater the Adsense revenue that will be received.

Now, to increase adsense revenue, optimization needs to be done so that CPC and CTR increase.

How to Increase CPC and CTR

The success recipe that I wrote here based on personal experience is also based on the secret of success in increasing Adsense revenue from Felicia Handrawan, who is the Strategic Partner Manager of the Google Indonesia team.

Before further, first understand what influences the Adsense Revenue, here it is:

  • Pageview »how many overall page views seen by visitors on a blog that has an Adsense ad;
  • Impression (Impression) »how many ads appear on your website / blog;
  • Impression RPM (Impression RPM) »estimated revenue to be gained in 1000 impressions. Things that affect the Impression RPM are:
  • CTR (CTR) »percentage of how many clicks compared to the ad that appears (Impression);
  • CPC (CPC) »how much you get paid every time an ad is clicked.

So it can be concluded, to increase revenue, you must increase the five elements above.


  • Pageviews: 100,000
  • Impression: 200,000
  • Impression RPM: $ 1

Revenue = Impression / 1,000 x RPM

= 200,000 / 1,000 x $ 1

= $ 200

In this article I will only discuss how to increase CPC and CTR, because to increase Pageviews and Impression the discussion will be too broad and maybe you are already more skilled than me.

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How to Increase CPC (Cost Per Click)?

CPC is actually difficult to control because CPC is very dependent on the demand of advertisers / advertisers, so the ups and downs depend on the season.

CPC usually rises at the end of the quarter (March, June, September), the end of the year, the holiday season and important moments of celebration such as Ramadan, Christmas and so on because at these moments it is time for advertisers to spend their budget on advertising costs.

This is the reason why Google recommends that bloggers focus more on CTR and Impression to increase revenue.

Even so, that does not mean we can only surrender, there are things we can still do to improve this CPC.

1. Ad Size Performance

Note the size of Adsense ads, there are certain sizes that have high pay such as:


728 x 90 (desktop);

336 x 280 (desktop);

160 x 600 (desktop);

Nowadays internet users more often browse with their smartphones, so use the responsive manual method for the three Desktop ad sizes above.


320 x 100 (mobile).

So in conclusion, the ad size really determines the amount of CPC that will be obtained, so choose the ad sizes above.

2. Select the Ad Type (Ad type) Text & Display Ads

In addition to ad sizes, the type of advertisement is also one of the keys that is often ignored by publishers, even though the type of advertisement is one of the things that affect the amount of CPC.


So like this, there are advertisers / advertisers that use text type ads (Text Ads) and some are image types (Display Ads).

Activating both will make these two types of advertisers compete and provide the best prices, eventually CPC will increase.

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3. Improve Article Quality

Fourth, improve article quality …

More informative text is better than most images.

The number of informative texts makes Google’s system more able to learn about what articles you write ..

.. finally the ads can be more targeted.

The more targeted the ad, the higher the CPC will be and the likelihood of the “beaten” ad is also getting bigger.

4. Don’t Make These Mistakes

Do not make this mistake because it can affect how targeted advertising can ultimately affect the amount of CPC.

Make sure blogs can be crawled by Google robots, so don’t get the wrong robots.txt setting. Note the error message on your Google Adsense notification, if there is try to fix it;

Don’t use the refresh tag;

Do not modify Adsense ads, especially insert the ad code into IFRAME.

5. Choose a Niche Blog with High CPC

Does the niche or theme of the blog affect the value of CPC?

Yes ..

Advertiser or advertisers are looking for valuable users.

A simple example, Eid clothing ads will have a lower CPC than luxury car ads, I think you already understand why.

According to, the following niche blogs with the highest CPC:

  • Health – Blog about Health
  • Make Money Online – Blog about Online Business
  • Technology – Blog about Technology
  • Relationship – Blog about Tips about good relations
  • Celebrities – Blog about blogs about the world of celebrities
  • Fashion – Blog about the development of fashion, lifestyle
  • Insurance – Blog about Insurance
  • How to Blog – Blog about How to blog, blogging tips
  • Social Media – Blog about about Social Media
  • SEO – Blog about the explanation of tips and Search Engine optimization.