Scrum Is One of the Methods that Can be Used For Project Management!

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Scrum Is One of the Methods that Can be Used For Project Management!

Scrum Is One of the Methods that Can be Used For Project Management

Basically, the method scrum is one of the methods that can be used in project management. Every team in a company must be having certain problems in working on the project. In order to find the solution quickly and accurately, must be done carefully.

Well, scrum is the right method to help solve the problem and make the team work more effective. So, the problem could be solved and obtain the most appropriate solution. In fact, the method scrum can also develop a variety of new ideas that can then be developed.

So, what is and how do the methods of scrum? Find the answer by reading this article until finish.

Understanding The Methods Scrum Is

Scrum is a variety that is done in order to solve the problem. Basically, pendeketan the use of the method scrum is a method of agile. Agile will refer to the set of methods and also practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto.

In it includes a variety of things, such as organizing done by yourself or by a member of the team, the team that multifunctional, and collaboration synergy.

So, scrum is a framework used to implement the development of that contained in agile.

Figures the first to introduce the Scrum is Takeuchi and Nonaka in his article titled “The New New Product Development Game” and published in 1986 by Harvard Business Review (HBR)

In the article it is explained that Takeuchi and Nanaka has conducted a survey on some of the large companies in Japan, such as Fuji Xerox, Honda, Canon, and 3M.

The survey was done in order to see how different the company is able to create new products with a good quality and can be successful in demand in the market. Both figures find that large companies such method using the same approach in mengembengkan products.

Then, the person who first developed the method of scrum is Jeff Sutherland, Easel Corporation in 1993. Then, the method is formulated and are also presented in the Object Management Group in 1995 with the title of “Scrum Development Process”.

By using this method, You can manage a variety of projects, ranging from the creation of websites, software, marketing, hardware, until the process of event planning. Scrum will help the team in solving problems with the communication between the members of the team.

That Makes Scrum Interesting Is

Some of the things that make scrum draw is as follows:

  • Did the organization own with focus on team work
  • Does not require documentation that a lot, because the approach used in the scrum is to the point in terms of providing task and ask for a progress.
  • The scrum team is the team that has the cross-functional so that they can work together as one solid team.
  • The presence of strong communication and a lot of interaction.
  • Has a rhythm that must be repeated to complete the workers in the maximum time for 30 days.
  • Scrum is a method that is able to help finish the job one by one at intervals of the specified time.
  • Scrum is also the method that is able to make the team members become more feel trusted and You will find out which members are experts in their field and are also capable of doing its job, so there was no job left.
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How To Apply Scrum Is

How to apply scrum is to start with working on a project that is simple in a short time. So, You can help the team in having the right mindset about the methods of scrum.

Need to be underlined that it is essentially a scrum is a method of the same with the work of the other team, some of the people who are in the team of course there will be love and also hate him. This condition is normal and You should be able to help the team to try it out right before they give up.

If there are team members who give up, let them go and let anyone else replace him. Well, here are the steps to start a scrum.

1. Determine The Scrum Team Your First

Team members can consist of 5 to 9 people. Every member in it has a combination of ability and could include to be developers, supporters, testers, designers, business analysis, etc. All members must be able to work well together.

This team will be responsible to ensure that they will be producing products that are able to be presented at the end of the sprint.

2. Determine The Size Of The Time Your Sprint

Sprint is about the period of time that occurs between 7 days up to one month, and generally remains the same length during the project still worked. For that, set the grace period in a planning meeting and the team must have a commitment in completing this project.

At the end of the sprint, it is advisable to do a review or review with a demonstration of the results of the work. In this case, the repair should be reviewed and also done so that the next sprint can be well planned. However, if You are still not sure with the grace period, You can start with 2 weeks in advance.

3. Choose A Master Scrum

The scrum Master is the catalyst for a group of scrum. They will be able to ensure that the scrum team can work effectively and also progressive. If there are obstacles, then the scrum master will process and help resolve the issue for the team.

The scrum Master is the project manager on a team, unless indeed such a person should not dictate what the team is doing and should not be involved in the management of any kind. The scrum Master should be able to help the team in terms of planning the work of the sprint the next.

4. Select A Product Owner

Product owners are those who are responsible for ensuring a tum able to produce a product that is able to be presented and marketed to clients, other businesses, or anyone who wants the results of the project.

Usually, the product owner will write a variety of requirements related to what is desired of the product on a series of stories, and then prioritize the different components in the process of making and put it in the backlog.

5. Create A Product Backlog Beginning

The product Backlog is the whole wish list that form around the user stories that are expected to be created and solved in the project. The story of the most important should be placed in the top, so the storage will be arranged neatly and orderly based on the scale of the interest of the story.

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Generally, a deposit will contain 2 types of components work, namely:

  • Epics – the Story of a high level that all this feels rough in the absence of much detail
  • Stories – a more detailed requirements about the goals that should or might be done

An epics generally be divided into several stories. While a story will generally be broken down into several separate task, so the team will be able to work and also reported the whole process later.

Stories also have some other type, such as development, bugs, tasks, etc. Stories can be written and are also added to the product backlog anytime and by anyone. If an epoc increased in priority, so it’s good to include more detailed again so the team can begin his duties.

The owner of the product can be free to prioritize the longer the backlog in accordance with his wishes.

6. Plan and Try to Start the First Sprint You

Based on the priority of the backlog, now the team can take the items from the list are generally from the top of the first. Then, the team will brainstorm and decide what and how the number of tasks that can be completed in the next sprint.

It is called with the planning of the sprint. When all team members have already agreed, then sprint can already start working on the project.

7. Try closing the Current and Start the Next Sprint

If at the end of the deadline has been reached and all the planned work is complete, then the team can decide whether the remaining work should be sent in the next sprint, or inserted again into the backlog her.

Whenever there is a team that has finished doing its job, the team is advised to do the retrospective where they can discuss what went well and what could be improved for the next sprint. After that, the planning meeting sprint to sprint the next can be started and the process will be repeated.

In it there is no limit to the number of sprint, except when it is stipulated by the deadline, or all of the backlog is already finished. If these criteria are not met any sprint can still be continued without a time limit.


So, we can conclude that scrum is a framework used to implement the development of that contained in agile. To implement it, there are seven series of steps that You should do so that the scrum process is able to provide the maximum profit for the company.

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