Sales Pipeline, Definition, and Complete Stages in Making Him

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Sales Pipeline, Definition, and Complete Stages in Making Him

Sales Pipeline Definition and Complete Stages in Making Him

Sales Pipeline is one of the important elements in the world of sales that can help increase the sale of a company. For those of you who are accustomed to the world of sales, surely you are no stranger to the term Sales Pipeline.

But for those of you who are still lay, then you don’t need to worry, because at this time we will provide a complete explanation of the special pipeline sales for you.

What is a Pipeline Sales?

Sales Pipeline is a picture of the moderate sales process and has also been carried out by sales teams. Generally, Pipeline Sales are very necessary for a Sales Representative and Sales Manager. But what is the reason they need pipeline sales?

The answer is to monitor the sale that is currently and has also been done. The official Pipedrive page explains that Sales Pipeline is an organized visual way to be able to oversee the number of buyers potentially.

By making a pipeline sales, then later it will be easily known about how prospective prospects of customers until they finally make a purchase or subscribe to a service. The more prospects contained in the Sales Pipeline, it will be easier to get more sales.

Related to this, Hubspot once conducted a study related to the relationship of the number of sales in the Pipeline Sales with the achievement of income. The results of the study are the more opportunities contained in Pipeline Sales, the more and more likely to achieve more sales or target revenues.

Some things needed in making pipeline sales

Because Pipeline Sales is one of the very important sales tools, then you must have some specific information related to companies, sales teams, customers, and your products before making pipeline sales. Some of the things you need to prepare in making pipeline sales are:

1. Make a list of your potential customers

The first thing you need is a list of people who want to purchase from you. You must make the list in detail. You must have a name, contact information, their company name, workplace position, and how they contact or why they are interested in you.

2. Make your sales process note

Note The sales process is a clear, structured formula and stages that can provide information to you and also the team related to activities that must be taken to achieve sales targets.

When you have worked with a good sales process, you can repeatedly get a transaction just by following the few steps that you have documented before.

3. Your income target

Because Sales Pipeline is made as a tool that can help you meet the objectives of the income, so you must already have a target to make a good channel.

Various numbers will eventually help you answer various important questions, such as how many sales deals you have to add into the pipeline sales to achieve your goals.

If you already know how many prospects are converted to customers, then you can easily calculate the number of transactions you need at each initial stage. You can see how the Pipeline Sales can work and how many transactions you have to add to the top of the channel to reach your goals.

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4. Set a meeting with the team

Sales Pipeline is a company tool. The components in it are very important so it can not only be considered as a sales and marketing tool. Every sales team will use the same pipeline sales. You can also include a sales team to make a decision when making it.

Stages of Pipeline Sales

Every business has its stages of pipeline sales, depending on the type of business that is run. In addition, the number and types of stages will also be influenced by several other factors, such as how to search and also contact prospects.

But generally, there are several stages that you must know, namely:


The first stage in the Pipeline Sales is Prospecting. This initial stage is usually used in every type of business. In this case, every sales team must be able to find prospective buyers who need products or services sold by the company.

The prospect of each company is certainly different, depending on the client, the product, and the company’s organizational structure itself.

2. Qualifying.

Qualifying or qualifying is the second stage of the Sales Pipeline. This stage is very important because sales must be able to choose the right prospects so that they don’t waste much time and energy.

Qualifying on prospects requires extra energy because at least you have to do a survey or interview with prospective buyers.

When doing this stage, you have to think well whether the product or service you present is needed by the prospects or not. In addition, they also have enough budget to buy your product or service or not.

3, Contacting.

The next stage in the Pipeline Sales is Contacting or starting to contact the target consumer. In this process, many methods can be used, such as calling directly, using email, or using social media.

4. Building Relationship.

This stage is done to be able to convince prospective customers of the product or service you sell. Building trust with prospective customers is not an easy thing. One way you can do this is to give a quick response when they ask questions.

When relations with prospective consumers can be well maintained, it will certainly be more convincing them to make purchases on the products you offer.

5. Made proposal

If your prospect has fulfilled the qualification requirements and you have well contacted it, then now you have to give a proposal to him.

This stage is more focused on explaining what products you want to offer, why is the product better than competitor products, what are the benefits, and also what the price of the product is.

When you have managed to make a proposal and explain it to prospective customers, it means you have stepped a step closer to the sales stage.

Reporting from the Sales Flare page, in this stage, you only have to wait for the decision of prospective customers, whether they are willing to buy your product or not.

6. Closing.

After successfully making contact, creating a good relationship, and also provides a proposal, this stage will be the end of the struggle you have done.

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After the process of waiting for the answer decision from a prospective customer, then from here, you will soon find out their decision. If they are interested in trying to buy your product or service, that means you have managed to sell.

But, if they finally refuse to buy, then you must start looking for other prospects and evaluate what you have done.

Steps to Make Pipeline Sales

1. Pay attention to the prospective buyer

The first thing you should pay attention to before making a pipeline sale is to find out who your customers are targeted. The trick is to make a list of potential customers and collect all customer contacts. So, later it will make it easier for you when it has entered the contacting stage.

2. Prepare a sales activity plan

The biggest fear of the sales team is a high target. This sometimes makes them less optimistic in carrying out sales activities. Well, one way that can be done to reduce this fear is to do a plan for sales activities.

Each team member will focus on sales activities, so they will be more optimistic in selling sales. The plan must be made effectively to have a good impact on the team and help them sell.

3. Perfect the stages of the Sales Pipeline as time goes by

As we already mentioned before, every business has its pipeline sales. If you have tested a trial by making several stages and it is still not effective, then perfect this.

In essence, make the pipeline sales phase that best suits your sales team’s performance.

4. Make sure the pipeline sales are always updated

Although it has made data from prospective customers and make a sales activity plan, if your pipeline sales are never updated, it will certainly be in vain.

For the sales team that has never used this method, it will be more troublesome because they must always update. But, providing an update on each stage of the Pipeline Sales Stages is important to do.

So, you can find out how many prospects have been contacted, given a proposal, or are awaiting a decision. In addition, it managers will also be easier to monitor what sales activities have been made by their team. If you have been accustomed, this activity will be very easy.


Thus the explanation of us about Sales Pipeline. So, Sales Pipeline is a picture of a moderate sales process and has also been done by sales teams.

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