Sales Management: Definition, Stage, Engineering, and Factors that influence it

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Sales Management Definition Stage Engineering and Factors that influence it

Sales Management: Definition, Stage, Engineering, and Factors that influence it

Sales Management Definition Stage Engineering and Factors that influence it

Do you want to reach as much sales volume as possible and get a big profit? If indeed, then you must master and apply effective and efficient sales management.

Let’s look at the discussion below so that your sales goals are on target.

Definition of sales management

According to the American Marketing Association sales management can be interpreted as a series of activities that include the planning process, direction, to supervision of personal sales. It includes various equipment selection activities, route determination, supervision and supervision, to the payment process carried out by sales workers.

In other words, sales management is a process of planning, organizing, implementation, and controlling activities to sell a company through sales workforce.

Sales management stage

In order for sales activities to run smoothly, then you must understand the stages in the following sales management.


In the first stage of salespeople must know and understand everything about the products to be offered, such as product profiles, product markets, sales techniques, and competition.

Determination of potential buyers

After understanding the product, salespeople also must know potential buyers. One way, sales force can check the list of previous and present customers. Then compile a list of potential customers based on the products to be offered.

Introduction Approach

At this stage the salespeople must know some detailed things related to potential buyers. The details include products used by prospective consumers and their response to a product. Such information is needed for sales force so that they can adjust the right sales techniques to the prospective consumers.

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Carry out sales

Sales force must attract the attention of prospective buyers. In addition, sales personnel truly describe the importance of the products offered as the fulfillment of the wants and needs of prospective consumers.

After-sales service

Sales activities do not end when prospective consumers buy products that you guide. In order for consumers to become a permanent customer, you must provide maximum retail services such as delivery of free goods or machine warranty for five years.

Sales management techniques

Sales techniques are the way the seller gets consumers. There are five sales techniques that must be mastered so that the sales goals are successful. First you have to determine the needs and desires of the customer. Both such sea special markets such as certain individuals and segmented markets.

The third technique is to set the market position. Then set a sales strategy in competition including fourth sales techniques. The fifth is to choose the most appropriate sales strategy to adjust the targeted consumer profile.

Influencing factors

There are four factors that affect sales activities. Therefore the company’s leaders must know these factors so that sales goals are always achieved.

1. Seller conditions and abilities

Sales force must be able to convince prospective consumers to buy products offered. Of course sellers who understand the product and sales techniques that can achieve sales goals.

2. Market conditions

Market type, buyer group, purchasing power, and purchase frequency are factors that affect market conditions.

3. Capital

The leadership of the company must ensure that the capital owned can reach the sales target used for the cost of reducing the market, promoting products, and buying raw materials.

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4. Company condition

Large companies have sales experts to take care of sales. While in small companies the sales field is handled by people who also take care of other things.


From this description you can also interpret sales management as a communication between sellers and prospective buyers to offer a product (goods or services) so that it can meet the needs and desires of prospective consumers.

Sales management is very important to learn because the weakness in the field of sales has a direct impact on the company. Actually everyone and the company is the seller.

Also record each sale and purchase made by business on the detailed and planned bookkeeping system. Without good books, the entire deposit of income and business expenditure will not be observed optimally and of course it will cause losses to your business.

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