SALES MANAGEMENT: Definition and Important Aspects in it

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SALES MANAGEMENT Definition and Important Aspects in it

SALES MANAGEMENT: Definition and Important Aspects in it

SALES MANAGEMENT Definition and Important Aspects in it

Basically, Sales Management is one part of the Marketing Mix that plays a major role in the world of competition in a company, a decrease in costs, and also increases profits. Until now, Sales Management is still a function that cannot be underestimated by any business model.

On this occasion, let’s get more about the Sales Management and various important aspects in it.

Sales Management is

Reporting from Pipedrive Pages, Sales Management is an attempt to create a sales team, making coordination in sales operations, and also implementing sales techniques so that a company can reach the target and exceed the target.

The main aspect of sales management

Quoted from the Investors Book page, there are at least three main aspects so that Sales Management can work successfully. These three aspects are as follows:

1. Sales operation

One important element in Sales Management is a sales operation or sales operation. This expulsion includes the compilation of a more effective sales team that is the most important focus for a Sales Manager.

Each sales manager in a company must always notice that everyone who joined in his team has obtained assignments and responsibilities that are in accordance with the level of knowledge and expertise so that every task he does can work properly.

Imagine if the team is not placed in the actual task they do not know and also not in accordance with their skills, almost certainly the task they do will not run smoothly and will harm the company.

In addition, the Sales Manager is served in training everyone in his team so that business goals can be achieved well according to their respective abilities.

2. Sales Strategy

The next element contained in Sales Management is a strategy sales, in which this element must be an important focus in sales management and is included in the Management Process.

The Sales Manager must be able to prepare a Sales Funnel when his team is already ready to do a strategy when doing business

While this Sales Funnel must be able to explain thoroughly related to how a sales process can occur. In it can be started from the lead generation until a successful conversion is more sustainable.

3. Sales analysis

The last element in the Sales Management is Sales Analysis. This element should not be forgotten in the Sales Management Process because of its very important role.

Sales analysis must be done immediately after obtaining results from the process of implementing a sales strategy that must indeed be collected, reported and also analyzed so that later it can improve and also increase it.

Sales Management Process also must be able to know what quantitative indicators will later be reviewed so that the level of success of the sales plan can be assessed properly.

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Why is Sales Management Important?

Sales Management is claimed to be the most important aspect in any organization that must be oriented to profit. The sales team will not be able to move optimally and the company’s profits will decrease if there are no good sales management.

Without these benefits, of course the company will not be able to survive in a long period of time. For this reason, every marketing manager must have unusual abilities.

In addition, the ability to organize every sales activity from the beginning to the end and reach the target desired by the company by moving the team members is very important.

1. Clear communication

So that the sales team can move well and also correctly, then the managers who regulate sales management must be able to communicate effectively with each team member.

2. Effective distribution of responsibilities and tasks

Placing the right person to do the right thing about it is one of the keys to success in sales management, for that this ability must be well owned.

3. Able to carry out the portion of the work

As a manager, it doesn’t mean you can continue to relax and just ask your sales team to work. Every day there must be responsibilities and portions of their own tasks that must be resolved.

4. Long-term minded

The less important part in Sales Management is forecasting sales or forecasting. Based on the sales data obtained, then a Sales Manager must be able to find out about the appropriate marketing strategy based on the analysis data.

5. Able to train team members

Recruiting people who have good abilities is indeed very important, but they must also continue to be trained and also developed and able to make more contributions to the sale of the company. As a manager, you must be able to find ways to improve the expertise of your sales team members.

6.biasa work under pressure

Arrange many people and also oriented to sales targets is indeed not an easy thing. Later there will be a lot of problems and pressures present on your trip as managers who regulate sales.

For that, you must have mentally resistant in terms of facing it.

Things to do by Sales Management

1. Always find reasons for each target

There are so many experts say that having a target being able to increase productivity. The problem is, a target is often made optimally and mostly a team or group has less intrinsic motivation.

When a tum must set a goal, the team must also know whatever is behind this goal.

2. Do the assignment structured

A marketing expert from Heinz Marketing named Matt Heinz once said that not to get used to calling, leaving voice messages, disturbing other people’s time, and also sending promotional email messages continuously.

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3. Adjust the environment to give a positive effect

Besides being very useful for sales teams, this is also very important for all employees. For this reason, keep negative people who are able to spend your energy. Make a work environment capable of inspiring and also stress free.

4. Focus on measurable activities

Basically, the principle of Pareto is stating that around 80% of your results will come from 20% of your business. That means, you can get effective results if concentrating on some certain points.

For sales teams, such principles can be applied to various activities that are able to provide benefits, such as inviting eating up to playing golf with clients.

5. Friends with prospects and competitors

Almost every sales team in all the world is always connected with prospects or competitors of their rivals originating from LinkedIn. If they can do this, the Sales team will learn about how their prospects and competitors work.

6. Learn every role in the sales team

The sales team consists of various tasks. Generally, it starts from calling prospects or sending emails. Well, before you can do the task directly, then they must learn the role.

7. Set the schedule on your calendar

Every life sales team is always on their respective schedules. For that, they always plan something in one week before they do it.

A writer from the Laman The Sales Blog named The Sales Blog, said that he always included anything they wanted to do on Friday, and planned a week to come on his day.

He added that every sales team must be able to set the schedule as well as possible. He also said to be able to divide the calendar by giving time at a meeting with various prospective customers up to his own customers.


Thus the complete explanation of us about sales management that you must always notice in your sales process. However, don’t forget to make the financial budget suitable for your team, so that they are able to provide maximum results.

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