Sales Lead: Definition, How to determine and the type you should know

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Sales Lead: Definition, How to determine and the type you should know

Sales Lead Definition How to determine and the type you should know

Sales Lead or Prospects provide opportunities for marketing and sales teams to work together to get customers in business.

Usually, the sales lead starts at the marketing department, and after qualifying, the prospect is assigned to someone who works as part of the sales team. Sales representatives work with all types of prospects, both entry and coming out.

In this article, we will tell you what sales lead, how to identify it, and processes that occur in organizations to identify and act on the prospect of sales lead.

What is the Sales Lead?

Sales leads or commonly known as prospects are anyone in the designated market that can benefit from products or services and who have shown interest through several actions.

Although the definition is simple, deciding whether a prospect meets the requirements sometimes reflect that the marketing team and sales staff have different expectations.

For example, data collected by Gleanster Research shows that only 25% of prospects are truly qualified and contacted by the sales team. Because the percentage of prospects that do not meet very high requirements, sales staff becomes more likely to give up on prospects after one or two tries to contact.

Naturally, understanding the sales leads which are the most valuable and must be prioritized very important for the success of the company, and depend on the understanding between sales and marketing about what defines prospects that do not meet the quality versus.

Below, we will see the definition of each prospect category:

Sales Lead that does not meet the requirements

The prospect that does not meet the requirements is everything at the top of the sales channel. Sales channels are graphical representations of the sales process. The widest part of the funnel is at the top where all new prospects are produced in after being determined by different channels. When the prospect has just arrived, it does not qualify until the qualification action has been made to determine its feasibility.

Sales leads that meet the requirements

Qualifying prospects are prospects that have been examined to ensure that they are high-quality prospects that can be changed by the sales team into sales.

Prospects can qualify after initial outreach by the sales or marketing team, with technology and automation (such as filling out forms that allow prospective clients to answer questions that are qualified before returning it to sales), or by third parties or intermediary qualification teams designed to ensure all instructions Checked correctly.

How do I determine the effective sales lead?

With a deeper understanding of what Sales Lead and why it’s important, you can start thinking about organizational processes to separate the prospects that are eligible for your sales organization. Here’s how:

Determine your target market

Before you can decide who is in a collection of prospects, you must understand who you sell. To do that, you need to understand the target market in business. There are several ways to do it.

The essence of determining who will be targeted is to ask yourself and your marketing team, “for whom this product?”

For example, if you launch a new cosmetic product line aimed at people who buy beauty products in upper class retailers, you might look for women in their thirties whose annual household income is more than 50,000,000.

If you have a customer email list that you have bought your product, you can use social media resources to help you identify your buyer’s online profile and collect demographic information.

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You can also use social listeners to determine, roughly, who talks about your business in terms of demographics. There are also analytics that can be taken from your website and marketing surveys.

All of these things can help you determine who your buyer is.

Identification of Sales Lead Producer Channels

After you know who will be targeted, this is the time to start filling the top of your sales channel. Smart marketers will identify the channel making prospects and tracking their success until closing.

For example, in college, one channel to attract prospective students may go through telephone calls, others maybe an email question, while others can be charging forms from advertisements throughout the web.

Sales leads from each channel must go through a traceable qualification process that attracts them further to the sales channel or recognizes that they do not meet the requirements and let them be in place.

Depending on the nature of your business and your client base, the prospect channel may be different and may require additional technology to attract prospects from where your customers are, such as social media.

Invest in technology

With the specified sales lead sales channel, you may need to adjust the technology infrastructure that helps you get prospects. Here are some generation technology general prospects used by businesses to gather information from customers and identify prospects:


Offering forms to be filled by prospective customers is a common way to get top-of-funnel prospects. This is a strategy to obtain a passive sale lead that leaves the responsibility of customers to fill out forms as an action to show interest in the product or service.


Milis and mailing list technology can also be a source of prospects. After all, your customers must choose to receive emails from the company. By participating, they approve communication and show interest.

Social Listening

Social Listening Tools Find social media feeds for keywords related to your brand and business. It can help you learn who is talking about your brand, and can provide an opportunity for you to discuss your brand with customers where the conversation takes place, thus changing social interaction into a clue.

Social media

Many social media sites offer analytical devices and search potential customers for business for free or paid. Companies must determine which social outlets are a channel for their customers and focus on the site.


When someone fills the basket and then leaves it, or interacts with ads but then leaves your site, some analytic tools allow you to re-target the user with ads that can change them into prospects.

Committed to the process of making prospects in business

Like most things in business, Sales Lead has a life cycle. For most companies, the life cycle looks like this:

  • Interesting foreigners mean strangers here is someone who doesn’t know whether they have interest in the brand you sell. The first strategy set to produce prospects is how you want to attract your potential customers. This is done after identifying the channel you need and the right technology to do so.
  • Convert visitors: After users visit your website or social media, they have taken actions that show certain levels of interest. They have visited your brand online. Your website and social site must direct them to various channels where you can attract their interest. Most marketers use an invitation to act to direct visitors to forms and other prospect-producing channels.
  • Closing: After visitors submitted themselves as a prospect through one of the channels that you are in the qualification stage. Sales or marketing people will usually determine whether the prospects are feasible. After qualifying, they can begin the sales process and eventually become the forefront.
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Type of Sales Lead in Business

Here are three types of prospects that must be considered by marketers and sales staff:

1. Information Qualified Leads (Cold-Warm)

Leads that meet information requirements are potential customers who report their own information that qualifies to the marketing department, usually through forms. This is generally the coldest prospect that may be accepted by sales people because they have not been contacted or fulfilled the requirements outside of their initial form filling out.

Also, whether a Sales Lead information that meets the requirements is determined to qualify depending on the type of information that is decided by each marketing department as a qualification.

For example, the marketing department for retailer stores may determine women marry over 35 years qualify based on this information because it is in accordance with their target market.

In this scenario, one can fill out a form stating that they are 36-year-old married women and can provide enough information to fulfill the low qualification threshold without considering the reason they fill out the form.

For example, maybe customers try to contact the store manager, and not the sales department, but fill out the form due to operator errors.

It’s easy to see how information that meets the requirements of the lead can be cold quickly, if the requirements are not carefully chosen to determine the lead that is truly qualified.

2. Marketing Qualified Leads (Warm-Hot)

When the marketing department takes all the Sales Lead in and filter it before forwarding it to the sales team, this can help determine the prospects made because of errors or other reasons that will be disqualified. This prospect is more likely to convert than prospects that meet information requirements, which make it warmer.

3. Qualified Leads Sales (HOT)

After the prospect has been forwarded to the sales team and sales contacts made, the purpose of salespeople is to determine whether the prospect really qualifies or not, based on a number of requirements such as needs, budget, and others.

If the sales staff make contact with the prospect and qualify through the contact, this shows the hottest type of prospect because it is likely to change to the actual sales.


That is the discussion and strategy for obtaining quality sales leads or prospects. Finding quality prospesk is indeed not an easy thing, it takes a trial and error and a good strategy planning to find out how to get quality leads.

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