Sales Force Automation is an important tool for sales, this explanation!

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Sales Force Automation is an important tool for sales this explanation

Sales Force Automation is an important tool for sales, this explanation!

Sales Force Automation is an important tool for sales this explanation

Sales Force Automation is one of the tools that can help the sales team so as not to be too busy in taking care of customer data.

These tolls are very well known in the world of sales. So, have you understood these tools? Or even just know it first?

For those of you who want to find out deeper, find the answer by reading the article about Sales Force Automation.

What is the Sales Force Automation?

Let’s start the core of this discussion by recognizing his understanding first. Reporting from the ACT! SFA page or Sales Force Automation is a process of automation in the sales process. Often this process is focused on the work that is recurrent and administrative.

The various jobs certainly remain important. But unfortunately a lot of time consuming sales teams. For this reason, created a tool, software or artificial intelligence tools that can help their duties. So, sales will be more efficient.

This process is often considered a substitute for the sales team system. But in reality, Harvard Business Review does not consider it.

Sales Force Automation can only be used as a tool that is able to help the sales team work. This team still requires a tool so that they can focus more in maintaining direct relations with customers.

Reporting from the official Hubspot page, often automation is called Sales Automation. These tools can be used by Sales Representative and Sales Manager.

In other articles, Hubspot explains that Sales Force Automation is a similar but different from Sales Automation. This automation is usually only done by the Sales Representative only.

However, on this occasion we will equalize both of them so they are not confused.

Why is the Sales Force Automation important?

If you have understood the understanding and also one of these marketing strategies, you must know why Sales Force Automation is considered important. The following is the reason why Sales Force Automation is important.

1. Increase the Sales Team Focus

The benefits of this one, of course we have discussed the previous brief explanation. By providing administrative tasks on a tool, the work of the sales team will also decrease. So that it makes them more focused on performing other tasks, such as contacting clients who are more prospects, set sales strategies, etc.

2. Help the sales team

Every human being certainly doesn’t escape the name wrong and forget. However, this nature will be effectively suppressed using the Sales Force Automation.

When is the best time for customers who have to send an email? When should customers be on the phone to follow-up? Various times are very important but often missed. By using SFA, it won’t be as easy as it can be forgotten anymore. You just have to take advantage of the features of a tool.

3. Group important data

Say the A, Si B and Si C are three members of the sales team. Of course they have their own customer data. The storage and shape are diverse. This will certainly be more difficult to unite the data. How the Sales Manager wants to evaluate his sales performance.

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Well, with this Sales Force Automation, the problem will be effectively prevented. When you need consumer data, you just have to open the application.

What can be automatic in Sales Force Automation?

As we previously tangent, not all sales processes can be adjusted automatically. Then, what can be arranged by this Sales Force Automation system? Reporting from the page, drift, some of them are:

1. Choose clients whose prospects

This automation process turned out to be able to help you find clients more prospects. Why? Because with Sales Force Automation, there are various data that you can collect and you can value.

What do consumers do on your website? What about consumer behavior B on your website page? All of these information can be value and make an estimate of who is more likely to be a permanent consumer.

2. Tracking and Lead Assessment

You already know that the Sales Force Automation will help you find consumers who are more prospects. However, the function is not limited to that. You can also do an assessment and when is the best time to contact them.

In addition, related information contacts through any media can be seen. You can do the ratings who can most be changed to become customers.

3. Schedule meetings, telephone and email

This one automation feature had been briefly tangent before. You can easier to schedule a telephone and also meet with consumers or your clients.

For example, clients can see your free time using a digital calendar. Then, he can choose when the best time with you which he thinks is the right. In addition, you can also schedule telephone time. No more events failed to pursue the client because he forgot to contact them.

In fact, you can do email shipping automatically. The contents just adjust your behavior and preferences to each client.

SFA application work mechanism

Basically, the mechanism or way of working on this SFA application is very simple. Generally, this application is made with a cloud base-system that has been connected to the company’s back office. Thus, the sales team and related work units can be connected whenever and wherever they are in real time.

By using an integrated SFA application, the sales team can access product data, check prices, monitor stock availability, or monitor promos.

In addition, the sales team will also be easier to record bookings, make visits that are in accordance with the Permanent Journey Plan, make billing, delivery, or clearly know the targets that have been achieved, to document their work.

On the other hand, the Sales Manager can be easier to monitor sales team activities, monitor sales turnover, client receivables, stocks in the warehouse in real-time through the monitoring feature, anywhere and anytime.

Well, this integrated and sophisticated work system can reduce errors caused by human error. The sales team can also focus more on selling and reaching its target.

Sales Force Automation Features

1 order and return

The sales team can take orders, canvassing or do a return by using the tablet or its smartphone. Bon sales can also be directly printed in place for sales teams that carry out Canvassing activities.

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2. Product and Stock

A product sold by a distributor team will be more likely to be a lot, can even reach thousands of SKUs. For this reason, it is very impossible for the salesman team in memorizing all these products, how much is the price, and how many stocks are still there.

With this feature, the sales team will be more helped in offering its products to customers.

3. Customer Profile

With this feature, the sales team can be easier to know the customer profile to be visited, starting from the full address, customer receivables, how many funds are due, and can see previous order data from customers.

4. Route plan and direction

With this feature, eating a daily visit schedule Sales can be more scheduled by making something called the PJP or Permanent Journey Plan. So, the sales team only needs to follow the route that has been made from the SFA application.

In fact, this feature is equipped with instructions on Maps. In addition, the sales team can also record the outlet coordinate points to make it easier for them to make their next visit.

5. Collection

Facilitate a billing process with the Mobile Collection feature, so the collectors no longer need to bring a lot of documents. By using the smartphone only, they can already see the data.

6. Delivery.

This feature will make it easier for drivers to make delivery easier and also more efficiently based on visits schedules that are equipped with map navigation. The shipping results report can be done directly with the application.

7. Promo Scheme

The sales team can monitor the promo list which is ongoing, so it will make it easier for them to offer products. Promo info will automatically be detected if the items ordered are able to meet the promo requirements.

8. Performance dashboard

The sales team can analyze the achievement of its own target. So, the salesman’s performance will be more directed and also more measurable, because they already know the target.

9. Job documentation

The sales team can also be easier to do documentation with the feature of taking photos in the application. Reports and also this documentation can be used to prevent fraud in the field.


Thus the full explanation of us about Sales Force Automation. So, we can conclude that the process of automation in the sales process is able to help the sales team in increasing focus, helping sales teams, and grouping important data.

By using these tools, it is expected that the sales team can increase the number of company sales, so the benefits achieved by the company can be more.

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