Sales are: Terms, Jobs, and Sales Functions within the Company

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Sales are Terms Jobs and Sales Functions within the Company

Sales are: Terms, Jobs, and Sales Functions within the Company

Sales are Terms Jobs and Sales Functions within the Company

Basically, sales are part of the sale of product sales activities or services carried out from the seller to the buyer. Those who do this activity consist of one team.

In some companies, Sales becomes a separate part where has various roles. But, in some other companies, the sales process becomes one part with the marketing section or commercial division.

Well, on this occasion, we will explain more about sales, here are the terms, work, and sales functions within a company.

What is Sales?

Reporting from the Hubspot page, Sales is one of the terms used to be able to describe sales activities on goods or services. Generally, every company does have a sales team given responsibility in terms of sales.

There are three main elements behind the performance and also the responsibility of the sales team. First is the sales area, the sales team will move after they are able to map the sales area, so they will know where they should sell the product of the company’s goods or services.

Second, product goods or services sold. By understanding in depth on the product of goods or services sold, the sales team will know the marketing strategy that will later be applied.

Third, target customers. After the sales team already knows the sales area and knowledge of the goods or services to be sold, the sales team will find out the target of customers like what they will hunt. The target of this customer will also be one of the keys to the success of the sales process.

In addition, it should also be also known that sales and marketing are two entities that are almost similar and have different meanings. Although both of them both sold sales, the process carried out by both is clearly different.

Sales function in the company

There are several Sales functions within the company, including:

  • Offering products to consumers

A salesman must always be able to take advantage of the advantages of the product to offer to the customer so that they can be more motivated to buy products offered by the company., That is, a sales must be able to market the product he will sell.

  • Convince prospective customers

A Sales must also be able to convince prospective customers without those who look hesitant in taking a decision or make a choice in choosing a product.

  • Direct targets

Then, sales must also always be able to direct the target and to whom the product will be offered or will be sold.

  • Meet customer needs

Another function of Sales is to be able to accommodate and reach out target consumers in helping to meet their needs on the products to offer.

General terms in Sales

In the business world, sales or sales are generally related to ownership of goods or rights to a product of goods or services. In the end, the concept will give birth to several terms that you must know. Well, here are some examples of often used sales terms.

1. Salesperson

The main job of a Salesperson is selling the product of goods or services on the buyer. They will use various sales techniques to find out what items they will buy. In this case, they will suggest a product or service that suits its needs.

In some conditions, Salesperson also performed his job so that the buyer could continue to use their products. But under other conditions, they must also be able to bring new buyers

So, the main responsibility and target buyer from a Salesperson depends on the condition, situation, and needs of the company.

2. Prospect.

If we note together based on the origin of the origin, the prospect is a client or organization that has the ideal potential to resemble customers. But in the world of sales and business, prospects are also included in those who do not have any interest in products, goods, or services to be sold.

The prospect term also refers to the way used by a Salesperson in approaching customers.

If they succeed in doing prospects with their customers, they can start to the next step, namely the Deal.

3. Deal

The deal is an agreement that occurs between the buyers and sellers of a product of goods or services. In the transaction, the deal has several levels.

These levels are certainly different depending on the business and industries run by every company. Salesperson also has the right to develop a DEAL plan according to the needs and conditions. The main objective is that sales can be done according to the time determined by the target you want to do.

4. Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline is a variety of steps in a process of sales of goods products or services. Pipeline is a real picture of various sales processes.

One of the pipelines that are still widely used as a reference is a plan diagram on a sales team. The diagram generally describes stages that must be passed, starting from assessing prospects, meeting the prospects, offering goods or services, until the event of a transaction process or deal.

5. Sales Plan

The Sales Plan concerns the long-term picture of a purpose, strategy, and also the objective of a sales team in a company.

Inside there are many details related to target customers, market conditions, income targets, prices, etc. In addition, there are also tactics and techniques to achieve a target at the set time.

Types of work in sales

Just like a position in a company, sales also have its own parts. Reporting from The Balance Careers Some of the Sales sections are as follows:

1. Sales Representative

Sales Representative is a basic level in a tum sales, they are the leading guard in a sales process. If this position is successful, it will be likely to rise to a higher position.

Well, some of the designations used by various companies for Sales Representative are sales agents, accounts representatives, advertising representatives, brand ambassadors, and so on.

2. Sales Management

This position is one level above the Sales Representative. The sales manager has the same level as supervisors and oversees several sales representative.

Sales Manager is tasked with leading a sales team in a company. They will later set goals and also analyze sales.

In some companies, this position must have a good relationship with big buyers and intended so that the buyer remains loyal.

3. Sales Administrative.

Administrative sales will generally be more helpful for the sales team in terms of administration, such as taking care of travel permits, preparing quotations, until the calculation and management of bonus administration provided for loyal customers.

In some companies, they will also bridge sales teams and marketing teams. Some terms for the position of Sales Administrative are Business Development Representatives, Enterprise Representative, Financial Assistants, and Industry Representatives.

4. Account Executive.

Account Executive or AE is a position that is almost the same as Sales Manager, but its duties and responsibilities are more.

In general, AE’s task is to create a relationship between the company with the client and also maintain the reputation. So, their assignments don’t just focus on getting new clients.

Generally, an AE is required to pocket the well-related knowledge of products. In addition, they must also have a more understanding of industrial trends. Karen is the knowledge, then AE will have a good relationship every fixed buyer.

Some examples of AE in various companies are Channel Partner Executive, Account Handlers, Client Executives, and others.

5. Executive-Level Management

Generally, this position will determine and direct the main purpose of sales from a company. The specified target is certainly a long-term target.

In addition, they also have a responsibility in terms of marketing plans, to make a related plan between the company and the buyer.

To be able to have a position in this position, there is a 10-year or more experience in the field of sales. These experiences usually must be supported by knowledge of market competition and products offered to buyers.

Some designations for this position are Sales Director, Chief Sales Officer, to Chief Financial Officer.


Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that Sales is one of the terms used to be able to describe sales activities in goods or services. Generally, every company does have a sales team given responsibility in terms of sales.

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