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Maintaining the high-quality of stock accessible on the market during the Rubicon Project platform is essential for Rubicon Project to be in a position to protect its buyer and seller partners and confirm that all parties are compensated fairly for any transaction over the Rubicon Project platform. In order to protect this marketplace, dealers making inventory available over the Rubicon Project platform including publishers, networks, cooperatives, exchanges, or another resources of advertising inventory are required to adhere to these Inventory Quality Guidelines the “Guidelines”. Please review these Guidelines cautiously, and note that Rubicon Project may, in its sole discretion, update these Guidelines at any time–it is your obligation to be sure that you adhere to those Guidelines including any updates hereto. If you’ve any questions about these Guidelines, please contact your Rubicon Project account supervisor.

These Guidelines apply to all channels of advertising inventory and all types of media, adding reveal, mobile, native, and video. If you fail to abide by these Guidelines, Rubicon Project reserves the correct to suspend or terminate your access to the Rubicon Project platform. Please note that these Guidelines are not an exhaustive list of prohibitions, but rather constitute platform concepts–Rubicon Project reserves the right to reject, suspend, or remove from its platform any stock in its sole discretion, regardless of even if a basis for removal is listed here. These Guidelines do not limit Rubicon Project’s discretion in any way. All inventory you send us has to be completely and precisely described, and can not be misrepresented in any way. Without challenge, this means stock attributes, adding referring URLs, app bundles or IDs, ad formats and sizes, client features IP addresses, user agents, device IDs, geolocation data, and Payment ID or pchain data, must be accurate in ad requests you send to our platform.

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However, zeroing out the last octet of client IP addresses, limiting precision of geolocation advice, or other redaction as strictly essential to evade the transmission of PII is appropriate. You won’t omit any mandatory suggestions.