Rubicon Project Ad Quality Guidelines Rubicon Project

Participants on the Rubicon Project platform—i. e. , the buyers and sellers that transact over our platform, as well as the publishers, advertisers, and ads agencies that at last sell inventory or place ads using our platform—all share an attention in ensuring the nice of ads served. These Ad Quality Guidelines these “Guidelines” describe our ad high-quality criteria and provide guidance on the content and behaviour of ads accepted via our platform.

Please review these Guidelines carefully. Rubicon Project may, at its discretion, update these Guidelines at any time—it’s your duty to ensure that you adhere to these Guidelines, including any updates hereto. If you have any questions about these Guidelines, please contact your Rubicon Project account manager. Sellers may designate some in their media as directed to or in another way frequented by minors in one of two regulatory fields transmitted in our bid requests: coppa and regs. ext. s22580.

Please note that the regs. coppa field is set by the publisher to note that an impression falls in the scope of the U. S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Similarly, the regs. ext.

s22580 field is set by the writer to note that an influence falls in the scope of California Business and Professions Code Section 22580. You are responsible for guaranteeing that you agree to these laws, to the extent applicable.

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