RTB Real Time Bidding: New Dynamics for Internet Advertisement in Asia and China

Forecasts from the International Data Corporation IDC indicate there’ll be a huge enhance in demonstrate advertising based on RTB by the year 2015. The growth predictions are, America – 71%, UK – 114%, France – 103%, Germany – 99%. The constructing trends of online advertising in the nations above indicate that RTB is more and more popular among advertisers, publishers and agencies. And mostly it’s by reason of the extensive merits of RTB itself.

Avazu Germany, Brunei and China , Komli India and Singapore, etc. are the companies providing RTB era in China and other Asian countries, except for Japan. RTB stands for Real Time Bidding. It’s a bidding era which uses third party technology to price and bid on individual user’s display advertising on thousands and thousands of internet sites. A DSP Platform centralizes bidding and site of reveal advertising and marketing.

The first step is to send requests with users’ exhibit data using its data monitoring capability. The second is DSP platform using a predictive set of rules to calculate users’ show value and send back the bid price to bid responder. Finally, orders are sent to an ad exchange system, ad code delivered to major media then passed on to end users. Why is the RTB system so a success and common?It brings higher ROI return on funding for the 3 parties concerned in marketing campaigns publishers, businesses and advertisers. It is a system that brings a win win win condition. Online advertising company Avazu has spoke back linked questions.

Market equilibrium is a classical model in economics which maximizes total surplus. When supply meets demand at the interface, there’s neither lack of materials by reason of overpricing nor wasted resources. The RTB system is designed to allow smart data management to minimize or put off inefficiency. Applying this theory to reveal marketing market, the good exchanged is the advertisement show, the demand comes from the publisher or agency, while the vendor is the writer. The bidding method, which maximizes yield, is to furnish assorted bidding prices for each advertising space in keeping with demand. Generally, publishers can increase advertising and marketing sales, automate the sales procedure and decrease the cost.

And the direct benefit for publishers and businesses is the increase in effectivity and ROI. The case of the online advertising corporate Avazu , making use of the RTB system shows its huge power on SSP sell side systems, DSP demand –side structures and Ad Exchanges, etc. There are different advantages to RTB taken potential of by Avazu Inc. through its proprietary DSP platform. Using it, buyers can cost in response to characteristics akin to time, frequency, content and cost, etc. Each allows greater precision and decreased waste.

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With Real Time Bidding, every advertiser will place the commercial in the main flexible and precise way. Successful German online store Neckermann has long collaborated with Avazu. Using its effective database and information mining era, Avazu tracks customer behavior including searches, browsing habits, clicks and purchases online. With specific analysis, Avazu places advertising exactly by way of RTB, significantly expanding ROI.