Roundup of Blog Advertising Networks Chip Griffin

Providing a pay per click PPC commercials community protecting more than 3,000 blogs with greater than 421 million impressions monthly, I was shocked I hadn’t heard of them before I went shopping today to in finding blog ad networks that had escaped my notice. They do have some fantastic language on their site, so I wonder about their track record. For instance: “We presently have 6,000 text advertisers available on our blog community. However, our CPC Text Ads are currently offline to the commonplace public. They can be restored in the near future.

” I’m not quite sure what meaning exactly. The web site also contains news on the home page, but it hasn’t been up-to-date since 2005. Options come with graphical or text ads, in addition to CPM or flat fee pricing. Their search interface for discovering advertisements alternatives leaves a bit to be desired, even though. The search consequences take a long time to navigate and there is only page navigation at the topof the search effects, without any at the bottom where it could be more logical. When I get to the bottom of the page, why do I want to scroll back up to the end to go to a higher page?The search consequences also include all of the advertising alternatives for every blog.

Ideally, I’d like to see it return the blog names with the means to click a button to expand the listings to include that level of detail. Frequently, you can want to see which blogs are available first, then drill into the pricing and sizing details later. The established leader of blog feed distribution, FeedBurner, now adds an commercials network in addition. Using this provider which you can promote not just the web sites of blogs, but also of their feeds evidently. Ads can be in photo or text format.

Targeting is done by channel, not by individual outlet. Categories available include: Arts and Entertainment, Business, Computing and Technology, Consumer Electronics, Current Affairs and Politics, Digital Culture, News and Information, and PC and Console Games.

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