RollerAds — Terms of Use

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RollerAds acts continually as an middleman, without a effective data on the content of the Push Notifications shown to End Users or the Websites or Applications they redirect to, and and not using a control on the End Users to which the Push Notifications can be shown. Advertisers and Publishers are the single guilty events, respectively, for such content material, and for guaranteeing End Users have legally and validly completed the subscription or acceptance to acquire Push Notifications; and should always hold RollerAds innocent for any responsibility, infringement, damage or loss that could derive from, or in relation to, Push Notifications dropped at End Users using the RollerAds Platform. ePayments, WebMoney and Bank Wire Transfers are all strategies of price. Our Terms of payments are as follows: Payments are often sent out on the 10th of each month, for the previous month, if the writer you has a balance more effective than $100 USD.

In some instances, it is feasible that we RollerAds might not be able to bring payment for any reason we see fit. When receiving money, you agree that you entered the correct charge information to be paid. In the case that you didn’t enter the correct counsel, whether from accident or on aim, RollerAds. has the best to not correct this and terminate your account, though we can do our best to deal with your needs. The publisher may use funds to purchase ‘credit’ site visitors from our system.

When doing so, the writer knows that traffic is not assured as stated in the ‘Superior Force’ clause. 2. RollerAds shall be entitled, with instant effect, to forestall Client’s pastime in the platform or to prematurely terminate this Agreement in writing where: a Client uses the Service or Program in a fashion that entails the perpetration of against the law; b Client uses the Service or Program in a way that occasions losses or the chance of loss for RollerAds or any third Party; c it may be reasonably assumed that recreation violates governing law; d but reminders, client fails to pay agreed fees or any other remuneration to RollerAds within a stated time; e Client otherwise fails to comply with this Agreement and such breach of contract is material; or f Client is placed into insolvent liquidation or is in another way insolvent. i patents, inventions, designs, RollerAds shall grant the Advertiser an infinite, non exclusive, fully transferable, sub licensable, all over, royalty free, fully paid up right and licence to use the Platform. Except as expressly set out in these Terms, you aren’t entitled, for any purpose, to any RollerAds IP Rights.

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We shall perpetually retain possession, adding all rights, title and pursuits in and to the RollerAds IP Rights and you take into account and accept that by using the Services pursuant to these Terms you shall not: purchase or differently be entitled to any RollerAds IP Rights; make a claim in recognize of any RollerAds IP Rights or another similar rights; or use, attempt to use, copy, imitate or modify no matter if in whole or partially any RollerAds IP Rights, except with our prior written consent. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL WE BE LIABLE FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES EVEN IF WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOSS OF REVENUE OR ANTICIPATED PROFITS OR LOST BUSINESS, RESULTING FROM ANY ASPECT OF YOUR USE OF THE SERVICE, WHETHER, WITHOUT LIMITATION, SUCH DAMAGES ARISE FROM i YOUR USE, MISUSE OR INABILITY TO USE THE ROLLERADS SERVICES, ii YOUR RELIANCE ON ANY CONTENT ON THE SERVICE, iii THE INTERRUPTION, SUSPENSION, MODIFICATION, ALTERATION OR COMPLETE DISCONTINUANCE OF ROLLERADS SERVICES, iv THE TERMINATION OF ROLLERADS SERVICES BY US, OR v THE TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT SHUTDOWN OF YOUR PROPERTY OR OTHER PROPERTIES PARTICIPATING IN THE ROLLERADS SERVICES. THE FOREGOING SHALL APPLY REGARDLESS OF THE NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER FAULT OF EITHER PARTY AND REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH LIABILITY SOUNDS IN CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE, TORT OR ANY OTHER THEORY OF LIABILITY. THESE LIMITATIONS ALSO APPLY WITH RESPECT TO DAMAGES INCURRED BY REASON OF OTHER ROLLERADS SERVICES OR PRODUCTS RECEIVED OR ADVERTISED IN CONNECTION WITH ROLLERADS SERVICES. YOU acknowledge and accept that each one individual data submitted on the subject of the Agreement or your registration in the RollerAds Platform might be integrated on RollerAds database, created with the aim to perform the contractual courting between the Parties, as well as to deliver advertisement assistance in any respect accessible, including by web based era, so as to supplement the commercialized facilities. RollerAds informs YOU of YOUR rights of access, rectification, cancellation and competition.

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YOU are entitled to workout any of these rights, by means of written notification to the following email address:Each party irrevocably agrees, for the only real benefit of RollerAds that, field as provided below, the courts of the State of Delaware shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claim including non contractual disputes or claims arising out of or in reference to this contract or its discipline matter or formation. Nothing in this clause shall limit the best of RollerAds to take complaints in opposition t Advertiser in every other court of equipped jurisdiction, nor shall the taking of proceedings in anyone or more jurisdictions prevent the taking of proceedings in some other jurisdictions, no matter if concurrently or not, to the extent authorised by the law of such other jurisdiction. Neither RollerAds nor any member of the RollerAds Companies shall be liable or responsible to you, or be deemed to have breached these Terms, for any failure or delay in gratifying or appearing its obligations under these Terms, if and to the extent such failure or delay is brought on by, effects from or is in another way attached to acts beyond its low-cost handle, adding, with out obstacle: a acts of God; b flood, fire, earthquake or explosion; c war, invasion, hostilities no matter if war is said or not, terrorist, hacking or cyber threats, attacks or acts, or other civil unrest; d any laws, statutes, ordinances, rules, policies, judgments, injunctions, orders and decrees; or e action by any nation or government, state or other political subdivision thereof, any entity exercising legislative, regulatory, judicial or administrative features of or concerning executive, adding, with out issue, any executive authority, agency, department, board, commission or council.