Roller Ads Review Why This is Push Notification Ad Network?

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It is a self-carrier platform that works on the CPC pricing model. Roller Ads is known for its Global reach of 100% real site visitors. Although it’s a new advertising network in the world of digital advertising where thousands of ad networks are already the latest. Yet it has made fantastic progress in such a brief period of time and has already become a choice of over 10k publishers and hundreds of advertisers via its highly targeted programmatic approach and modern technology.

Push notifications are a very good source to engage with real and interactive users who typically provide their consent for receiving notifications. It delivers a high-quality audience it’s basically attracted to the content material of your online page and that of the push ads to boot. This draws more advertisers in opposition t you who are searching for good pleasant site visitors. Which in turn helps you drive more revenues. Roller ads is a self-serve platform that works through programmatic bidding independently. A self-serve platform is also called a demand-side platform DSP which knows more accurately in regards to the desired target audience of the advertisers and connects them with the applicable publishers who sell their spaces to them.

It works more like an auction and in this manner it is ensured that the proper advertisers reach the correct publishers and both get benefitted.

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