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Founder of the Non Obvious Company, trend curator and advertising wizard, Rohit Bhargava helps agencies become great brands by bringing humanity, authenticity, and the non apparent to the ways they do industrial. Bhargava is the most effective promoting author of 5 industrial books, adding the stand out hit, Likeonomics and the Non Obvious series, that’s updated annually to mirror the latest trends. Original and real, Bhargava is a two time TED speaker who customizes each of his talks in order that your team will do away with memorable and actionable tools relevant to your industry. Rohit Bhargava describes himself in three terms: “Trend Curator, Marketer, and Nice Guy.

” The best promoting author of Likenomics and the Non Obvious series on innovative pondering, he easily sets himself aside from the pack of business professionals. A futurist with an effective track record, Bhargava helps businesses gain a competitive edge by bringing more humanity to the ways they do commercial. Bhargava is the founder of the Non Obvious Company, where he teaches leaders and teams how to spot and act on sudden trends that everybody else misses. He is a professor of Marketing and Storytelling at Georgetown University and a two time TED speaker who has supplied at over 200 events across 32 countries. His non-public blog on brand building and leadership has been diagnosed by AdAge magazine as one of the vital top 25 advertising blogs on earth.

Bhargava served as a strategist to two best firms, Ogilvy and Leo Burnett for 15 years. At Ogilvy, he led electronic and marketing approach for consumers including Intel, Pepsi, Lenovo, Seiko, Unilever, and dozens of other large agencies. Business and advertising expert, Rohit Bhargava demystifies the art of connecting with customers, personnel, and anyone else you’re looking to have an impact on. The author of the fascinating and purposeful best promoting book, Likeonomics, Bhargava helps organizations systemize his courses on development likeability – the important thing differentiator in a fiercely aggressive landscape wherein most brands boil down to the same ingredients. Walking you via a sequence of entertaining and useful examples, he imparts proven recommendations for locating your authentic voice for you to build trust on your workplace and industry.

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A regarded futurist with an eye for recognizing the significance of “non obvious” particulars, Bhargava also is probably the most long-established keynote speakers on how to hone your means to filter the world around you and be that person who “saw it coming. ” NON OBVIOUS 2018 – HOW TO PREDICT THE FUTUREWhat if you could are expecting the longer term?It will not be as unimaginable as it seems. In this unique talk, members will learn five “non apparent” habits to curate ideas and spot what others miss. Based on his 1 best promoting annual trend series read by more than half a million people online, Rohit Bhargava will also share some true trends from his 8+ years of research that matter in your industry … together with highly actionable ideas for the way to use them. Predicting the future is a learnable skill – and this keynote will reveal precisely how to do it.

Note – the selected trends during this talk are usually customized by industry and mainly chosen in line with relevance for the audience. LikeonomicsPeople decide who to trust, what advice to heed, and which people to forge non-public or transactional relationships with in accordance with a straightforward metric of believability. Success, in turn, comes from understanding one basic principle: how to be more trusted. Likeonomics offers a new vision of a global beyond Facebook where personal relationships, likeability, brutal honesty, excessive simplicity, and basic humanity are behind the whole thing from multi million dollar mergers to record breaking product sales. There is a real ROI to likeability, and exactly how big it is will amaze you.

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