Robert F Kennedy Jr. Says % Of News Advertising Revenue Comes From Big Pharma True Activist

Like many of the company issues we are facing today, the problem with the drug industry is that it is controlled by a govt blanketed corporate cartel. This allows a select few corporations to dominate the market, combating entrepreneurs from developing new products that might threaten this monopoly. Without having to fret about any form of competition this cartel could make their products as dangerous and useless as they prefer. Thanks to government protections they’re capable of make their products more addicting and not more effective so they are able to create return customers and extend their profits. If a drugs is constructive in curing a patient then they won’t normally use and purchase that drug as a result of they’re going to have no wish to do so.

However, if the drug is mediocre and has addictive homes then it turns into a daily part of the patient’s monthly budget. This deceptive method proved to be quite profitable so the drug agencies launched a enormous promoting crusade to hawk a large range of ineffective and pointless drugs to a trusting and ignorant public. This industry in reality spends extra money on advertising than they do on research and advancement each year. That fact alone shows that they’re more attracted to making sales than producing a well researched and useful drug. Today’s television and radio advertisement spots are dominated by advertisements for mediocre prescription drugs.

Companies pay billions of dollars per year on promoting alone and their funding comes back many times over. This advertising budget consists of “incentives” for private care providers to overwrite prescriptions, or in other words bribes for medical doctors to sell more drugs.

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