Richpush Native Push Ads + Huge Traffic Volume

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll notice how I’ve been reviewing a ton of networks lately. A lot of them were new, some are old and just added push ads to their stock, and a few of them like RichPush are 100% targeting push traffic but they’ve been in the industry for a while. In terms of our industry, many years is sort of a decade in other industries and it gives them a bonus over many smaller networks. A lot of individuals keep asking me what styles of verticals work on push site visitors. While we focus on 3 verticals mostly, the good thing about operating with push is it allows a wide selection of offers if you’ve got the correct angle.

Some of the commonest verticals I’ve seen on push are playing, dating, apps, sweepstakes, and crypto. RichPush agrees with me and they discussed a few more on their web page. Each filter goes further down the line with the intention to optimize your traffic and block the websites that aren’t acting for your crusade. I recommend you to seem first at the Site ID level, then at the writer owner of many sites level and at last at the sublists level if you locate a ton of publishers from that sublist not acting well to your campaign.

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