Remarketing: understanding, benefit and difference with retargeting

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Remarketing: understanding, benefit and difference with retargeting

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If you want to be able to increase sales through online marketing, you can make remarketing as a solution.

As a user or user, most of you may have already felt this marketing strategy when browsing the internet, e-commerce, social media, or from a website site to other websites. It’s just that many of us realize that this is one of the marketing strategies carried out by marketers.

Then, what is remarketing? What are the benefits for marketers while doing it? Find the answer by reading the article about this remarketing until it’s finished.

What is remarketing?

Quoted from the Google Ads Help page, Remarketing is one of the strategies to stay connected with everyone who has previously interacted with websites, applications or e-commerce.

Simply put, the marketer will have to make a special ad intended for those who have previously interacted with the website, social media, application or e-commerce.

So, when the user traces the site or is being scrolling the social media, the ad will again appear in front of him.

Most of you must have experienced something like this. For example, you have just visited the online store website A. Then, you re-open other website sites on the internet. But, advertisements from online shop sites A that you have visited before appear on the smartphone screen or your monitor screen.

Well, these conditions are named after remarketing strategies that are applied by marketers to encourage users to make purchases or at least increase brand awareness in the eyes of the user.

This remarketing strategy can be done by using the Google AdWords tool for searching websites, and Facebook ADS for Facebook social media searches and also Instagram.

Cyber ​​Click explains that this strategy process is simply divided into three main stages, namely:

  • Users visit website sites or make purchases on your website
  • Next, they will be tagged with cookies and added to the remarketing list.
  • Then, you can apply an ad campaign strategy specifically displayed on those who have been registered in the remarketing group.

Benefit from remarketing.

After we have understood his understanding, some of you might be increasingly curious about this marketing strategy. So basically, the main benefit of remarketing is able to increase sales.

In addition, there are still several other benefits that you can feel when implementing a remarketing strategy, namely:

1. Increase customer range

Lyfe Marketing argues that 70-96% user will not take any action and will immediately come out when they visit a website page. Based on the data, we can see that remarketing has a very important role in increasing customer range.

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When there is a prospective customer who has interactions with your website without doing anything, you can put it in the remarketing list and display a ad campaign to him.

In addition, you can increase the user’s reach from all countries.

2. Maintain relationships with customers

Another advantage that you will feel of remarketing is able to maintain relationships with your customers, without realizing it.

Why? Because often customers who have interacted with your website and leave it alone will tend to forget your brand.

Then, when you add it to the remarketing list and display an ad on it, then they will always remember your brand and even have a big chance to make a transaction. Activities like this are also very important as your product branding efforts.

3. Increase the relevance of advertising

When doing a remarketing strategy, you can install an ad that is relevant to what customers have been opened on your website.

Simply put example, the user opens a product A on your website. Then, the ad that will appear to him is a product related to product. That is, it will increase the appeal of consumers to make purchases on the product.

Who knows that at first they did have been interested in making transactions on your product, but could not buy it for several specific reasons.

Tips for Maximizing Remarketing

1. Limit the ad frequency

If you want to convey a good message and also right on prospective consumers, it is recommended to limit the emergence of advertisements to them. Why? Because advertising that is too often displayed on them is likely to be considered a disturbing spam.

2. Perform Analysis

Next, you must do an analysis. Don’t hesitate to continue experiments related to customer experience. Use an Analytic Tool to be able to find out the performance of your website. Please find out what you can maximize well to be able to attract visitors with a large amount.

Differences and equations between vs remarketing. Retargeting

Basically, retargeting is a strategy to re-approach to visitors who have interacted on your website, but they have not made a purchase. This method is done by displaying your ad on various websites, social media, up to applications or games that visitors use.

Generally, this ad is displayed using Google Display Network services because the level of reach can reach 90% of all internet users. So, wherever the visitor is located, your ad will continue to imagine them.

In addition, the retargeting ads displayed there are many types, depending on the interaction carried out by visitors when visiting your website.

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For example, when there are visitors who look at sneaker shoe products and sportswear on your website before finally they close the browser. That means, advertisements that will be displayed at these visitors are sneaker products and sportswear, then all other products are similar or still a category with the product.

So, other products that have the website or different categories will not be displayed. Because, the user does not interact with this type of product on your website.

For this reason, because the aggressiveness is the Conversion Rate you will be able to increase by 50-60% when retargeting on target.

So simply, the equation of remarketing and retargeting is:

  • The target is those who are familiar with your brand
  • Targeted at those who most likely want to make a purchase
  • Equally can build branding and also increase company brand awareness.

While the fundamental differences of both are as follows:

  • Retargeting utilizing advertisements to retreat visitors to your website
  • While remarketing is more focused on re-seducing consumers or former consumers using appropriate ads.

Retargeting vs. Remarketing: Which is the best?

Before choosing retargeting or remarketing, you must always remember that these two strategies have the same objective of the same, namely to approach prospective customers who have been interested in your brand to make a purchase.

The difference located in both of them is in the way they are in achieving their goals. So, to answer which strategy is best to use, the answer is in your goals in implementing the strategy.

In essence, both are both good marketing strategies to increase your conversion rate. You only need to just make an adjustment to the ability and conditions of your business.

In addition, it also applies the advertising budget that is in accordance with your company’s financial condition. Then, record every cash used for these advertisements in your balance sheet report in full and detail. This is done so that financial conditions can be maintained and you can do policies that are in accordance with your business conditions.

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